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Apr 29, 2009

Crimson Ghost fails to inspire

The MVP of last year's NBA Finals scored 26 points, hitting one jumper to tie the game at the end of regulation and three more in the final 77 seconds of overtime on Tuesday night to help the Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls 106-104 and take a 3-2 lead in their best-of-seven playoff series.

"I just thought when Ray fouled out it was time for me to really step up," said Pierce, who scored 12 points in the 10 minutes after Allen left the game. "Better late than never."

Charles Barkley was talking trash on Pierce for his statements last year about being the best player in the world. He wasn't even playing like the best player on Boston in the first half (or throughout the series) and this was a very crucial game. You can call a guy out, but if he performs like he is supposed to, and he leads his team to victory when the game is over, then I wouldn't take anything from him yet. Charles was premature.

I know Kobe was the MVP. He knows that. But Pierce was the Champion. Would Kobe trade his MVP for another Championship? HELL YES! IN A SECOND!

You can't take that away Sir Charles. For the moment Pierce may be the best in basketball just because. Would he be without KG? No. Would he be without Rondo? No. Would he be without Perk? NO! But since October of 2007 there has been one ruling kingdom, with one ruling captain, who still holds the crown. TRUTH.

From the Beast lair:
It was a defining moment for a early career - 16 points, 19 rebounds and 7 blocks on the national stage in a series that has given basketball fans the world over the entire panoply of emotion. It was an awesome thing to behold. America may now know what we have known. The Silent Sentinal roaming our front court let the world know what basketball played with clarity and anger looks like. No matter how much those referees tried to hand the game to those midwestern rubes, no matter how much that punk Miller tried to instigate, or how much Kirk, Derrick and Ben got just flat lucky, Our Sensei would not let us lose.

Apr 24, 2009

Celtics come to play in CHI town

Brad Miller == DONE. Old folks home. Glue Factory. Take your pick. Aaron Gray should start Game 4, seriously. I don't think he'll get blocked consecutively by flat-footed Mikki Moore at least.

  • Pierce begins 5/5 FGs. After watching tape of the first 2 games, he knew the veteran's steps he could take to break through the Bull shit.
  • Salmons not 100% to say the least. I have trouble recognizing him out there.
  • Ray Allen is out of his head. He's playing beyond his years and logical abilities.
  • Noah is also out of his head, but in a negative way.
  • Scalabrine in uniform and getting points during garbage time late in the game. Rocking the white head band for us white guys! Meanwhile KG appeared in funeral clothes to his adopted city of Chicago.

    And I mean business, bitches

  • Stephon Marbury first off of the bench

  • Perkins, Baby would have played all 48 minutes if this was close? No Mikki Moore got a little bit of time in the 1st half. But I was surprised to see Marbury first off bench instead of Moore.
  • Rondo averaging a triple double. Rondo has no answer. And more to come…
  • 48-34, C's. But mentally miles ahead of the Bulls. Baby looked great. Tyrus Thomas cannot hang with this. Master: Glenn Davis Apprentice: Tyrus Thomas. President and CEO: Rajon Rondo. Halftime it's 59-37.
  • Ray Ray killing it. Starbury knocking down shots at will.
  • Bulls are nowhere near competition tonight. Pierce is 7/9 FG at half.
  • Bulls, 14 turnovers. C's have 12 steals to Chi's 0 steals. Thieves are among us. Marbury has 7 points on 60% shooting. Signs of the apocalypse.

  • Tyrus Thomas eventually loses his mind with Noah in this game.
  • Slap his ass; he sucks.
  • Bulls → no DEF. Big Baby AND1, 83-56. This concludes our broadcast? No, not yet.
  • Marbury is still throwing down with the Perk and roll.
  • Scal got high with the white head band but Stephon is going to hit a bitch. He's lucky he doesn't have Starbury brand Dwade-Aids.
  • Aaron Gray, Linsey Hunter, and Lyndon Johnson (WTF?) are playing for Chicago.

It's Man Time!

Rose is a beast. Inhuman. He takes a hard bump from Pierce on a drive to the hoop and nails a glance layup off the glass as his body is redirected out of bounds from the collision. The strength and coordination is uncanny.

Apr 23, 2009

Note to Playoff Grizzlies 2.0

The time will hopefully come when our rebuilt core will reach the playoffs again in 2010, 2011, and/or 2012. Here are some things to note from this year's opening first 2 home court matches of round one:

  • Hit them in the mouth early: Chicago, Philly, Houston, and Dallas. Nothing says showtime like beating the favorite at their home opener.
  • Just because you are young, talented, and possess the highest potential future All-star talent, does not mean you will instantly be rewarded in the playoffs. Portland, Orlando, and New Orleans will tell you that.
  • And just because you are super talented doesn't mean the vet playoff teams will not crush you. New Orleans reminds me of the 2003-2004 Grizzlies, who got whipped by the San Antonio Spurs in round one. We did not get close to beating them until returning to our home court, where we still found a way to lose each game in the series sweep.

    Game 1 April 17 Memphis Grizzlies 74 San Antonio Spurs 98
    Game 2 April 19 Memphis Grizzlies 70 San Antonio Spurs 87
    Game 3 April 22 San Antonio Spurs 95 Memphis Grizzlies 93
    Game 4 April 25 San Antonio Spurs 110 Memphis Grizzlies 97

    They slaughtered us at home by margins of 24 and 17. The 2 point loss in game 3 was too devastating to overcome, and game 4 was a sad joke. I expect New Orleans to come back strong in Game 3 but don't be surprised if Denver toughs it out down there in The Hive.
  • You've got to have a superstar to be successful in the playoffs in every major sport except baseball. Certainly you have to get a great team around him and the chemistry must be strong between everybody to even reach a winning a record in the regular season. But we are hoping Rudy Gay or O.J. Mayo steps up as an "elite" player in the league.

The goal is not to be this year's Detroit Pistons/Bobcats/Nets (whoever was lucky enough with that pathetic East 8th seed). That's a failure obviously. Detroit knows their season was botched. The goal I hear Coach Hollins saying is to build on this success to create a team that can compete for the championship.

Apr 21, 2009

Cheerleader of the Week

I think KG should be on the sidelines every game he's hurt. Don't stuff him in the locker room. Everybody needs to hear it.

Despite the BG heroics, Ray Allen and the C's came through.

Apr 19, 2009

Pau gasol about to throw down

Apr 16, 2009

2009 NBA Playoffs - Round 1

Any good NBA blog must have playoff predictions. Here is also how my fantasy "pick and roll" selections look. I follow the mantra of "that which does not kill me, makes me stronger."

First Round

















Apr 8, 2009

Grizzlies and Blazers 04/07/09 post-mortem

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- With the first three words in his postgame news conference, Trail Blazers coach Nate McMillan perfectly summed up his team's dramatic victory Tuesday night.

"We got lucky," he said.

—The Oregonian®

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Rudy Fernandez, Outlaw, Oden, Sergio bench totally outscored/outclassed our very short bench tonight. They scored 41 to our 21
  • We really are nothing without both Gasol and Milicic. So why did Haddadi not play the second half?
  • Brandon Roy showed us what an Allstar does. He attacks and attacks and attacks and he scores every time.
  • I don't think we ran out of gas and collapsed like a dead dog as we did in about 75% of our previous losses this season. This was a playoff team that got together at halftime and said "are we men or are we mice?" And they fought back. They said, "We beat these fools before. They're not the same team, but we are!"
  • Coach Hollins has really done a great job with getting us a chance. It was the worst thing in the world to watch us playing strong for 2 or 3 quarters then fading. While I hate seeing guys like Miles and Haddadi not play, I know it must be part of his master plan.
  • Warrick got blocked big time by Oden. Then he responds with a very strong layup with hard contact from Oden but no foul on the next possession. That's just determination.
  • Not a whole lot of success against their zone defense, especially once Gasol went out.
  • Foul trouble. It worked in our favor early but then bit us back in the end.

Despite the loss, this was an awesome game for the Grizzlies. Mayo, Conely, Gasol, and Gay all looked TOO GOOD for the Blazers most of the way. Those 4 players were better than anyone on the other team except Brandon Roy. Roy probably ranks #1 but no one else comes close after that. We perhaps have a great future.

Apr 7, 2009

Apr 3, 2009

Bedlam '09: Vote for Darko

Last year it was Jaric's girlfriend who took home the trophy. Of course that was before we had Jaric on our team.

But now we have to salute Darko. Go here to vote:

BDL Bedlam tournament

DARKO IS IN FINAL FOUR - go vote now!!!!

Apr 2, 2009

Wizards at Grizzlies 04/01/09 post-mortem

Not an April Fool's Day Joke: Grizz reach 20th win with 2 more weeks of basketball to play. Google CADIE, unfortunately, was an April Fool's Joke. I was hoping CADIE could write these blog posts for me.

keys to the super bowl
  • I loved watching THE CORE hold their ground as the Wizards superstars did everything possible to come back. The game was up for grabs in the final minutes. Neither team was perfect, but we came out on top so it's a celebration in Memphis.
  • Here is a lesson to Rudy and OJ. Don't ball hog in the final possessions. It may work .216% of the time (that's about our winning percentage overall this season in fact), however you can do much better when your point guard spreads the floor. I know I am not the only person that saw this. Rudy Gay dribbles into a double team and gets boxed into the corner as the shot clock expires: Turnover. OJ Mayo takes the point and dribbles around, trying to work off a high screen, but failing, gets smothered by double team as well and again the shot clock expires: Turnover. Way to breath life back to the other team guys!
  • On the next possession the ball was in Mike Conley Jr.'s hands. He gets isolation with JCritt out on the wing, pump fakes, and then launches his shot into Critt in midair for the charity stripe gimme buckets. I don't have to tell you the lesson learned, do I? But I'm not a true expert. OJ and Rudy each had fantastic games up to that point, and perhaps that is why Conley had the opening and then Mayo and Gay were stifled — only because of their previous success at "good" ball hogging (the "best" all do it these days).
  • QRoss does play some nice defense.
  • Marc Dos Punto Cero Gasol has a new nickname from me: El Gran Tiburon. That's what he does out there each night. He looks like a smooth finesse guy out there, but he has the arsenal to hurt you the moment you cross him.

    Here he is in action:

Grizzlies for the win!

Apr 1, 2009

Won't be eating at Cal's Steakhouse ever again

Calipari takes job at Kentucky

WOW. At first I thought it was good for him. It's obviously devastating to Memphis though. Kentucky is a basketball nation that's fallen on very hard times. They used to dominate. Not even Nolan Richardson's Hogs were better in their prime. Or were they? Probably not. Some of the best players went through there:

But of course the legacy lives on strong in some:

Kentucky though is as far off the radar as you can get. Coach Cal, if you thought Memphis was backwards, buckle your seat belt dude. I have lived in Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama. I've traveled to all the southern states of course, but most recently I've been to Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, North Carolina, and, of course, Kentucky.

Kentucky is the most backwards state I've spent time in. I know there are probably worse places in the Midwest (Iowa?). But compared to the rest of the south, Kentucky is the furthest location, culturally away from modern civilization.

We went on a camping trip that originated from the Louisville airport last year. We spent 2 nights in Mammoth Cave National Park, and two nights at Land Between the Lakes (Land Between the Snakes as we call it now). Don't get me wrong - the country is beautiful there. But all the usual conveniences of modern life are 50 years behind in that state. We would drive for HOURS to reach a gas station or a restaurant in Western Kentucky. I didn't think it was possible in this day and age.

The people there are some of the most undiversified and unsophisticated I've ever encountered. I actually witnessed a man driving his horse and buggy to the gas station! Not only that, this scene was THIRTY MINUTES outside of Louisville. You could not even get a beer with dinner on Sunday at a restaurant. However, once we left Louisville we did not see a "wet" (non-dry) county until we crossed over into Tennessee again at the end of the trip. So it did not matter what day of the week it was anyway.

Why do I belabor these points? Because I am an angry Memphis fan. You did a great thing for Memphis. But downgrading to that state school, in the worst state of the Confederacy, is shameful! Ok. Maybe not. But it's certainly agitating to the Memphian.


Disclaimer: I have not spent any time in South Carolina. It looks like NASCAR country though so I am afraid to go there… it could very well be worse.