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Mar 27, 2009

Tigers mauled by the Tigers

Well you knew it was going to happen. Two tigers go in; one comes out.

At least Tyreke went out with a bang. Sweet 16 appearance is pretty good for a Rebuilding Year. They were overrated. C-USA is really not enough competition. I thought Maryland would be much more difficult, but then after that 2nd round blowout I officially joined the hypewagon. It's too hard to resist with that one week gap between dominance and preparation for the entry to Final Four immortality.

The Memphis Tigers fought valiantly and scored record amounts of points on 2nd half but hole was FAR too deep after 1st half. Memphis outscored the inbreds 55-53 on second half. Some entire games on this tourney have had similar final scores.

Missouri just came out firing all their guns at once and we didn't know how to contain it defensively. It looked effortless on Missouri's part. Especially with the shot:

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