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Mar 23, 2009

March 18, 2009 – Denver Chicken Nuggets at Fedex Forum

  • After Monday's joke I did not expect much against Denver, who had all their guns available.
  • What a pleasant surprise! We led the entire game until the final seconds. I said to my fiancé, after they'd cut the lead to 5 with 5 minutes remaining, "we have a 50% chance of winning, assuming we're both average teams. But this is Denver versus Memphis, we'll never hold them off now. Game's over." Oh, and I was right. But before that we had something to believe in!

  • 59-53 around halftime. Haddadi had 7pts and 7reb. Rudy 19. Néné 15 fine with fouls galore. Dhantay Jones not hot. Kleiza injured.

  • When Kleiza was injured I was not paying close attention to it. I was sitting fourth row behind the visitor's bench side goal. I yelled at Kleiza "sittttt down!!!", half jokingly, mockingly. The Nuggets bench did not think it was humorous. Wow. I looked over frequently to meet the stare of Kenyon Martin and Dhantay Jones. I also was yelling "DOCTOR JONES" each time he made a play. I hope he knows I'm an old fan of his. I'm also a big fan of Kleiza and watched almost every game Lithuania played in Beijing. Oh well. They probably just think I was a dumb Memphis redneck. No big deal!

  • Where is Darius Miles!?
  • Darko?
  • Arthur playing very well. Martin and Billups had a terrible game. Melo only came alive late. And did he ever! Ditto for JR Smith. He was down on himself throughout for making dumb mistakes on defense and getting yanked by Georgy. He definitely made up for it in the end! Killer. Mayo and Marko both were holding it down tonight.
  • 91-81 4th quarter. King Arthur and Grizzlies role players good. Hakim is hitting shots. Team defense is great.
  • Grizzlies not rebounding. Crazy differential.
  • Haddadi does a no-look assist for outside Jaric 2pt jumper. Awesome! He surely will play long minutes against New Orleans and Boston, right? (NO! Three minutes - wtf!?)
  • full story here
  • Rudy Gay extends to 7 point lead after the 5 point lead closing at 5 minutes. Then stupid Allstar foul for Denver. Everyone is booing. 1st foul on Rudy for entire game and he has 30 points. Wow - great job for Gay tonight.

  • 104-104, BREAKDOWN.
  • King Arthur hustle: +10
  • Carmelo == CLUTCH
  • "Grizz are young and starving", says my girlfriend, who certainly enjoys 4th row seats a lot more than sitting Terrace Level.
  • "I have never felt so close to failure!!!!!" 111-109. I have been to maybe 5 NBA games down up close to the court and I have usually seen a positive result. I guess I wanted this one more than ever. I do remember losing to the Kings a few years ago and being up close to that one. But this one we needed and had all the way til the last minute. That was painful! I was very upset. I really felt sorry for the players. I wanted to run on the court and provide extra energy. They looked very tired. I know they played hard. I saw it up close. I was up close on the Indiana Pacers win in December too - but we won that one. This was a tough loss! :(

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