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Mar 28, 2009

Grizzlies at Kings 03/27/09 post-mortem

Rudy came with it. But I still have to root for Mizzou today...

keys to the super bowl
  • Out of the gate we stomped them out!
  • Hawaiian Defense
  • Mike Conley is a pro. There, I said it.
  • Hak could someday be a sixth man of the year on a showtime playoff team. He's an energy guy. He forces mismatches. His defense may not work against top starters in the league - but he's good enough to outperform the opposing team's bench overall.
  • Turnover time.
  • Grizzlies in the paint just too much for the weak-kings.
  • The Kings announcers sound like they are considering retirement. They are the most bitter and depressed bunch I've heard from any other NBA teams'. They constantly focused on the lack of scoring by Mayo even as their team was done 20+ points. It's like "well we're losing but you're still a doo-doo head". They have been in the business a long time so I know they know better. They must be drunk or senile and either way I figure they are retiring this season. They ripped on Marc Gasol every chance they could. Clearly jealous.
  • Oddly enough, the sideline announcer then went on a expose about how Grizzlies were ahead of the curve in dumping Pau Gasol now that all other teams are trying to free up cap space. But the other guys said, "well imagine if they still had Pau." But they couldn't think that one out. We'd probably be no better than we are now. Just look at our record before the trade!
  • Spirit of Vlade Divac was with us. His number is gonna Be A Part of History! So it was great when their biggest news at halftime was "Vlade is in from Belgrade!" Maybe Spencer Hawes should take up smoking?

Mike just needs the assist numbers to go up. But no one can blame him for low assissts on this team.

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