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Mar 28, 2009

Grizzlies at Kings 03/27/09 post-mortem

Rudy came with it. But I still have to root for Mizzou today...

keys to the super bowl
  • Out of the gate we stomped them out!
  • Hawaiian Defense
  • Mike Conley is a pro. There, I said it.
  • Hak could someday be a sixth man of the year on a showtime playoff team. He's an energy guy. He forces mismatches. His defense may not work against top starters in the league - but he's good enough to outperform the opposing team's bench overall.
  • Turnover time.
  • Grizzlies in the paint just too much for the weak-kings.
  • The Kings announcers sound like they are considering retirement. They are the most bitter and depressed bunch I've heard from any other NBA teams'. They constantly focused on the lack of scoring by Mayo even as their team was done 20+ points. It's like "well we're losing but you're still a doo-doo head". They have been in the business a long time so I know they know better. They must be drunk or senile and either way I figure they are retiring this season. They ripped on Marc Gasol every chance they could. Clearly jealous.
  • Oddly enough, the sideline announcer then went on a expose about how Grizzlies were ahead of the curve in dumping Pau Gasol now that all other teams are trying to free up cap space. But the other guys said, "well imagine if they still had Pau." But they couldn't think that one out. We'd probably be no better than we are now. Just look at our record before the trade!
  • Spirit of Vlade Divac was with us. His number is gonna Be A Part of History! So it was great when their biggest news at halftime was "Vlade is in from Belgrade!" Maybe Spencer Hawes should take up smoking?

Mike just needs the assist numbers to go up. But no one can blame him for low assissts on this team.

Mar 27, 2009

Tigers mauled by the Tigers

Well you knew it was going to happen. Two tigers go in; one comes out.

At least Tyreke went out with a bang. Sweet 16 appearance is pretty good for a Rebuilding Year. They were overrated. C-USA is really not enough competition. I thought Maryland would be much more difficult, but then after that 2nd round blowout I officially joined the hypewagon. It's too hard to resist with that one week gap between dominance and preparation for the entry to Final Four immortality.

The Memphis Tigers fought valiantly and scored record amounts of points on 2nd half but hole was FAR too deep after 1st half. Memphis outscored the inbreds 55-53 on second half. Some entire games on this tourney have had similar final scores.

Missouri just came out firing all their guns at once and we didn't know how to contain it defensively. It looked effortless on Missouri's part. Especially with the shot:

Mar 25, 2009

March 20, 2009 – New Orleans Hornets at The Hive Arena

  • C - P - 3 … WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (crowd repeats) WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (crowd repeats)
  • 2:20 1st quarter Conley and Gay - Go Grizz. 19-19 tied game! Can we actually hang with these guys?
  • Hugo the Hornet is a bad ass.

  • Halftime entertainment. Quite interesting. I learned that the teal blue of the Hornets is also known as "Creole Blue". Nice how that worked out. I guess Charlotte Hornets were creole too? They had a contest between two fans with the name "Noah". One was Noah. The other was "J'Noah". I'm not sure who won.
  • C - P - 3 … WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (crowd repeats) WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! (crowd repeats) This gets old quick if you're a visiting fan.
  • They had an awesome arena and I think more than 50% of the fans had Hornets jerseys on. Only place that has that much pride would be Boston but I don't think they wear as many jerseys. Boston fans have all kinds of crazy gear and custom-made shirts with obscure references to different aspects of the franchise/town/dance-moves.
  • HoneyBees. Gotta love 'em!

  • Very frustrating watching Hilton Armstrong, Ryan Bowen, Julian Wright whipping us. Ah they're terrible. Haddadi is better than each of them.
  • Grizzlies were there until 4th Quarter more or less. Pathetic ending. They just don't have the stamina.

Mar 23, 2009

March 18, 2009 – Denver Chicken Nuggets at Fedex Forum

  • After Monday's joke I did not expect much against Denver, who had all their guns available.
  • What a pleasant surprise! We led the entire game until the final seconds. I said to my fiancé, after they'd cut the lead to 5 with 5 minutes remaining, "we have a 50% chance of winning, assuming we're both average teams. But this is Denver versus Memphis, we'll never hold them off now. Game's over." Oh, and I was right. But before that we had something to believe in!

  • 59-53 around halftime. Haddadi had 7pts and 7reb. Rudy 19. Néné 15 fine with fouls galore. Dhantay Jones not hot. Kleiza injured.

  • When Kleiza was injured I was not paying close attention to it. I was sitting fourth row behind the visitor's bench side goal. I yelled at Kleiza "sittttt down!!!", half jokingly, mockingly. The Nuggets bench did not think it was humorous. Wow. I looked over frequently to meet the stare of Kenyon Martin and Dhantay Jones. I also was yelling "DOCTOR JONES" each time he made a play. I hope he knows I'm an old fan of his. I'm also a big fan of Kleiza and watched almost every game Lithuania played in Beijing. Oh well. They probably just think I was a dumb Memphis redneck. No big deal!

  • Where is Darius Miles!?
  • Darko?
  • Arthur playing very well. Martin and Billups had a terrible game. Melo only came alive late. And did he ever! Ditto for JR Smith. He was down on himself throughout for making dumb mistakes on defense and getting yanked by Georgy. He definitely made up for it in the end! Killer. Mayo and Marko both were holding it down tonight.
  • 91-81 4th quarter. King Arthur and Grizzlies role players good. Hakim is hitting shots. Team defense is great.
  • Grizzlies not rebounding. Crazy differential.
  • Haddadi does a no-look assist for outside Jaric 2pt jumper. Awesome! He surely will play long minutes against New Orleans and Boston, right? (NO! Three minutes - wtf!?)
  • full story here
  • Rudy Gay extends to 7 point lead after the 5 point lead closing at 5 minutes. Then stupid Allstar foul for Denver. Everyone is booing. 1st foul on Rudy for entire game and he has 30 points. Wow - great job for Gay tonight.

  • 104-104, BREAKDOWN.
  • King Arthur hustle: +10
  • Carmelo == CLUTCH
  • "Grizz are young and starving", says my girlfriend, who certainly enjoys 4th row seats a lot more than sitting Terrace Level.
  • "I have never felt so close to failure!!!!!" 111-109. I have been to maybe 5 NBA games down up close to the court and I have usually seen a positive result. I guess I wanted this one more than ever. I do remember losing to the Kings a few years ago and being up close to that one. But this one we needed and had all the way til the last minute. That was painful! I was very upset. I really felt sorry for the players. I wanted to run on the court and provide extra energy. They looked very tired. I know they played hard. I saw it up close. I was up close on the Indiana Pacers win in December too - but we won that one. This was a tough loss! :(

March 16, 2009 – Portland Trailblazers at Fedex Forum

  • Attended the Guys and Dolls Bridal Expo before the game. I was fairly let down. My expectations were probably a little too high since I live in one of the top wedding destination spots in one of the most expensive parts of the country. However I've never once been to one of these anywhere outside of Memphis before. Still it was pretty weak overall. We got some great info but I think they had low attendance (duh) and thus lost a lot of inertia going in. I have to give them a shout out though for hooking us up with cheap tickets and even some freebies. Awesome!

  • If we were disappointed by the expo, then the game had very little in the way of consolation prizes in store for us. It was not pretty. I don't want to belabor those points. You can read the full review elsewhere.
  • We met some great people up in section 210. They were just simply krunk. One guy was telling us about musicians called "G-strings". I don't know what in the world he was talking about or what drugs he was in. I guess you had to be there.
  • I was shocked at how many Portland fans there are in Memphis. They are an awful team and they couldn't be further from Memphis. They were not old school fans either. They wore mostly Brandon Roy jerseys. That was baffling to see. I said "man I know you ain't from Portland", and one person just smiled. You must have a low IQ to wear a Brandon Roy jersey to a Memphis Grizzlies game.

How do you let this happen?

Mar 12, 2009

Are we finished?
104 to 79.
I turned game on and we were down 21 points in the FIRST QUARTER. We then proceeded to cut lead to 7 or 9 points during a 10-0 run. I thought - ok this is good. But then Tpups come back to another twenty point lead. To add insult to injury the assholes on the message board were at an all-time low as far as cordiality so I shut the league pass and laptop down and turned attention to my fiance. She always appreciates that when I choose spending time with her over watching my favorite team get blown out amidst a totally unimportant season.

It really is that bad. Jason Collins? Brian Cardinal? Oh, how it hurts!

I want to say "I'm done!" with this team. But it could not be farther from the truth. Ah THE TRUTH, is waiting Friday night. I shall watch it in the company of Irish Hibernian pipe and drum bands I hope, but my superfan status is revoked for not going to see it in person at TD BankNorth... However, I shall be taking copious notes on my rare in-person game attendances which will transpire next week.

I will be taking the fiance on a whirlwind tour of three consecutive Grizzlies games!

It's a bit ironic that my second most watched team, the Celtics, shall not be seen in person.

If we can get one win out of those 3 games I will be delighted. Who knows - we could shock the shorthanded Celtics, who will most likely bench all their starters to rest against us. They aren't even going to practice for us:
Thursday, March 12 - No Practice

The Celtics will take Thursday off and regroup for a shootaround on Friday morning before they host the Memphis Grizzlies at the Garden.

We do need Luck O'The Irish for any chance of victory in hostile territory that is in full force celebrating one of its largest International holidays! Go Grizz!

Mar 6, 2009

PBA Fiesta Conference

Most interesting PBA Fiesta match up going on today. Burger King is looking strong. But anything could happen. Sunday Salvation (the actual name of one player) can blow up in the 4th. Or Kid Lightning might explode.

Looks like the face of the franchise for Burger King is holding it down though:

Check out the other great team names in this league:

They even give nicknames to players such as "The Whopper". Another team is called "Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters". I'm not even going to try to touch that one. I leave the 1337 speak jokes as an exercise for the reader.