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Feb 18, 2009


Reference: Types of NBA Trades

Now that Amaré is alleged to stay put in Phoenix, another high salary savior is being thrown around the rumor bins. VC never brought anything to New Jersey, but who wouldn't want to give him a try for a playoff push? Strange thing is that Phoenix and New Jersey will likely already be in playoffs with or without their stars. Ok, maybe Phoenix would fall out of contention withour Stoudemire. Maybe same for New Jersey. But they have to make that space available for King James and the Brooklyn Nets somehow, right? What's a crummy playoff ousting in first or second round this year compared to a potential future dynasty?

It's a crazy time of year. Everyone is settling into school and work and eying baseball spring training. What better way to revitalize interest in your product than to join in a blockbuster mid-season trade? What better way to skew the numbers and complicate things? Sure we did that pre-VC, but then look at us post-VC! Is that what Toronto is saying?

How do you really add value?

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