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Feb 28, 2009

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09

keys to the super bowl
  • No one at the game. Snowing!?!
  • Kyle Lowry hopeless? The clique really destroys the chemistry?
  • King Arthur might have the rock.
  • Marc Gasol Grizzly.
  • Ludacris Grizzly Theme Song
  • Reckless Youth

Old Tyme Hockey.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Durant is out.
  • Thabo and Weaver are starting!?
  • Young Guns



This game!

Here is the first quarter redux:

Oh boy! Darius Miles and Robert Swift come off the bench to give this game a huge kick in the nuts. Woo hoo!

Also – Marko Jaric is 0/20—for the month—on all his shots? That is beyond pathetic. Does he really deserve her? Eh who freaking cares. The whole team sucks.

Here is who we need(ed) damnit:

Geez. And Bob Swift just freaking scored on us. And then rejected Rudy Gay. (fouled first).

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