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Feb 28, 2009

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09 - 4th quarter

Hakim Warrick has been a monster in the gym. He's now a 7'0 white guy.

OKC is not relenting in this quarter as Grizzlies continue to trail double digits and turn the ball over constantly. Marko Jaric has gone from bad to worse. Rudy came back slightly with some good shots but this is a huge loss in the making.

Trivia challenge: how many former Grizzlies point guards are watching this game in the building?

Here is a hint:

At least 3! Earl Watson, Damon Stoudamire, and Chucky Atkins are all in attendance. Amazingly coincidental!

Hark! The Thunder are blowing it as Memphis is staging a late comeback with 5 minutes remaining.

Offtopic: OKC broadcast is bullshit because they have not once shown the Grizzlies dancers. Separation of church and state you prudes!

This game is rigged!?!?!? VERY STRANGE to see a game against such lowly teams that has been paid off by Vegas. Just as Grizzlies were coming back the refs began giving the Thunderboomers bizarre calls in order to preserve their lead. That is very bad and makes all of us fans want to give up on supporting a team that has been bought out by Las Vegas pirates.

A rare occurrence transpired as Coach Hollins got out of his seat to tell the refs their mothers would be fucked by rabid stray dogs in their sleep tonight.

This is a disgrace!


  • Rudy Gay responds with a posterizing dunk… however the bullcrap satellite transmission had it blacked out; so I missed it.
  • Conley gets an AND1 but misses the 1.
  • 4 point game with 30 seconds left.
  • Grizz reclaim ball – Mayo drives hard and draws foul to close to a 3 point game, 95-92, after only making 1 of 2 free throws.
  • Grizz should not be in the game but one facet of their ineptitude has been poor free throw shooting.
  • OKC hits their free throws and game is over.

This is a hard loss to say the least. But there's still many more to play. Hopefully these guys can get something going for us because otherwise it is hard to stay positive! Go Grizzlies!!!!!!

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