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Feb 28, 2009

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09 - 3rd quarter

Rudy Gay. Probably done for season. He's as hard as tissue paper.

  • Great start for the half, allowing OKC to jump all over us with another 5 point breakaway.
  • Somewhat battling on this quarter albeit a lackluster effort on both ends.
  • Neither team looks interested in playing the remainder of the game.
  • Nice alley-oop attempt from OJ to King Arthur, where Arthur pulled back and got the easy follow-up layup.
    • Then OJ gets ball back on next blown OKC possession, and scores a beauty reverse layup that left the other 9 on the court scratching their heads.

Thundercat herd comes thundering back. Green scores another trey after Krstic drops a sweet put back, accidentally assisted inside by Westbrook miss.

This was later replayed on TV broadcast as Thunder play of the game

For the ultimate insult, the sequence reached apotheosis with another Robert Swift bucket. Holy crap — we are the worst

  • Mayo draws foul and do we really need to play the 4th quarter?

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