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Feb 28, 2009

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09 - 2nd quarter

This is part 2 of my LIVE BLOG! of this racy game.

Because the TV producers knew no one in Memphis was going to watch 2 basketball games in one day, Pete is just a voiceless spectator tonight?

Story of 2nd quarter is mostly OJ Mayo. He highhandedly brought us back in it. But look how King Arthur is solidifying my key to the super bowl tonight. Just look! LOOK!

I still need to see a little more effort from Conley, Darko/Gasol, or Warrick for us to compete all night though.

Will you look at that? The Thundercats came back to an 11 point lead before half. That's demoralizing. Grizzlies are at a big low point this season…

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