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Feb 24, 2009

Kyle Lowry Tribute

I have been meaning to post my favorite photos from Kyle Lowry. Well, I never was much of a fan of his really. Villanova and Big East schools in general are not on my radar. So I don't have too many action shots saved. I never viewed him as much more than an energetic backup.

  • Lowry dunking on some goon in Orlando named Darko.

However, I felt Earl Watson was far more capable in this role. Maybe I am wrong and Kyle will one day be a starter and a semi-star in the league. Let's hope so! But he's gone from Grizz.

Lowry came into the league and I always remember Stephon Marbury saying right off the bat he had the stuff to make it in NBA. Soon after that early rookie game he was injured though and development had to wait.

Lowry was good but he just didn't seem to fit the mold of the guys who came before like Earl Watson, Bobby Jackson, and Brevin Knight. Maybe he is going to be better?

  • Klowry! Lucky number seven?

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