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Feb 2, 2009

Grizzlies at Wizards 02/02/09

How do you play after being snubbed from inclusion in the Sprite Rookie Sophomore All-Star game?

Just ask Mike Conley Jr. and Javaris Crittenton after tonight's game.

Expect big things. Their old teammates are both in: Thaddeus Young and Greg Oden. Their new teammates are in: Nick Young, OJ, and Marc Gasol. WAIT NO. Oops Nick Young isn't in either. Watch out Grizz!

keys to the super bowl
  • Hawaiian Defense?

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Butler is similar to Ben Gordon and likes to torch Rudy Gay as underclassman.
  • Lesson learned from NFL is that it ain't over until the buzzer sounds. You can have the longest win streak of all history and still be thrown down by the number six seed at the last moment. You can have the victory in your clutches and all the momentum of the last 30 minutes, yet still lose the game in the final minute of regulation.
  • Grant Hill says, "It's not how you start but how you finish." So watch out for Nash, Hill, and Shaqdaddy in May/June. Watch out for Wizards in 4th

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