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Feb 12, 2009

02/11/09 Sixers loss post-mortem

  • Hakim Warrick - Above the rim

  • Sixers on point.

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Hakim Warrick ties, yet does not quite overcome, his career high points. An inspired performance was witnessed by all.
    • O.J. hits his first 2pt bucket in the 4th Quarter, already in double digits scoring? Can't wait to see him in Phoenix play H-O-R-S-E.
    • Sixers superstars did their job ultimately. Andre Miller asserted himself and Iggy popped the weasel when it mattered most.

      – egads!
    • Tough home crowd with extremely annoying PA sound effects and disturbing, abnormal mood music. They play as much weird music to mess up the opposing team's flow as they play amped crowd pleaser music to rally the fans for the home team. Philly is funky.
    • Could have certainly used Rudy Gay, Darrel Arthur down the stretch on some defense and Darko was certainly limited tonight – not an 100% outing.
    • These Sixers are on a 4 game win streak where they've beaten other teams with far better records than ours by large double digit margins. We played very well relative to our reputation certainly! That's a good way to enter the Allstar break!
    • If only we had the sage Maurice Cheeks… Insider.

    The new commander however is certainly turning things around for this team. I was against the move, but am happy to concede he has come in and done great things already:
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