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Feb 5, 2009

02/05/09 Grizzlies victory post-mortem

keys to the super bowl
  • Marko Jaric plus Darko Milicic equals GRIZZLY BEAR
  • Ovinton is playing very smart and effective. Too bad he can't come back to Madison Square Garden to try and match Kobe and Lebron's performances. What is all that about? Were there some kind of scouts from another planet at New York this week, recruiting for some alien basketball league that's going to abduct our top players? I'd like to see O.J. audition there again. Danilo would too.
  • Three point shooting. Rockets could have blasted back into our lead any time if we had not matched them down the stretch and then some.
  • Rudy is looking very savvy out there. I like his execution. I like his role.
  • Year of the OX: Yao was bulled over by Marc and Darko.
  • Scary when the big bear is hungry!!!

MC Pee Pants' Solid Gold Review
Dikembe Mutombo and Von Wafer are my dogs. You played the game. You got burned. Battier is making his case. He got the red coat. Dunleavy looking like a mustard salesman. Professor Planter's Peanuts wants him in the stands serving my ass. Grizzlies got their claws out. I want to give Darko his car keys back.

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