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Feb 28, 2009

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09 - 4th quarter

Hakim Warrick has been a monster in the gym. He's now a 7'0 white guy.

OKC is not relenting in this quarter as Grizzlies continue to trail double digits and turn the ball over constantly. Marko Jaric has gone from bad to worse. Rudy came back slightly with some good shots but this is a huge loss in the making.

Trivia challenge: how many former Grizzlies point guards are watching this game in the building?

Here is a hint:

At least 3! Earl Watson, Damon Stoudamire, and Chucky Atkins are all in attendance. Amazingly coincidental!

Hark! The Thunder are blowing it as Memphis is staging a late comeback with 5 minutes remaining.

Offtopic: OKC broadcast is bullshit because they have not once shown the Grizzlies dancers. Separation of church and state you prudes!

This game is rigged!?!?!? VERY STRANGE to see a game against such lowly teams that has been paid off by Vegas. Just as Grizzlies were coming back the refs began giving the Thunderboomers bizarre calls in order to preserve their lead. That is very bad and makes all of us fans want to give up on supporting a team that has been bought out by Las Vegas pirates.

A rare occurrence transpired as Coach Hollins got out of his seat to tell the refs their mothers would be fucked by rabid stray dogs in their sleep tonight.

This is a disgrace!


  • Rudy Gay responds with a posterizing dunk… however the bullcrap satellite transmission had it blacked out; so I missed it.
  • Conley gets an AND1 but misses the 1.
  • 4 point game with 30 seconds left.
  • Grizz reclaim ball – Mayo drives hard and draws foul to close to a 3 point game, 95-92, after only making 1 of 2 free throws.
  • Grizz should not be in the game but one facet of their ineptitude has been poor free throw shooting.
  • OKC hits their free throws and game is over.

This is a hard loss to say the least. But there's still many more to play. Hopefully these guys can get something going for us because otherwise it is hard to stay positive! Go Grizzlies!!!!!!

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09 - 3rd quarter

Rudy Gay. Probably done for season. He's as hard as tissue paper.

  • Great start for the half, allowing OKC to jump all over us with another 5 point breakaway.
  • Somewhat battling on this quarter albeit a lackluster effort on both ends.
  • Neither team looks interested in playing the remainder of the game.
  • Nice alley-oop attempt from OJ to King Arthur, where Arthur pulled back and got the easy follow-up layup.
    • Then OJ gets ball back on next blown OKC possession, and scores a beauty reverse layup that left the other 9 on the court scratching their heads.

Thundercat herd comes thundering back. Green scores another trey after Krstic drops a sweet put back, accidentally assisted inside by Westbrook miss.

This was later replayed on TV broadcast as Thunder play of the game

For the ultimate insult, the sequence reached apotheosis with another Robert Swift bucket. Holy crap — we are the worst

  • Mayo draws foul and do we really need to play the 4th quarter?

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09 - 2nd quarter

This is part 2 of my LIVE BLOG! of this racy game.

Because the TV producers knew no one in Memphis was going to watch 2 basketball games in one day, Pete is just a voiceless spectator tonight?

Story of 2nd quarter is mostly OJ Mayo. He highhandedly brought us back in it. But look how King Arthur is solidifying my key to the super bowl tonight. Just look! LOOK!

I still need to see a little more effort from Conley, Darko/Gasol, or Warrick for us to compete all night though.

Will you look at that? The Thundercats came back to an 11 point lead before half. That's demoralizing. Grizzlies are at a big low point this season…

Thunderboomers at Grizzlies 02/28/09

keys to the super bowl
  • No one at the game. Snowing!?!
  • Kyle Lowry hopeless? The clique really destroys the chemistry?
  • King Arthur might have the rock.
  • Marc Gasol Grizzly.
  • Ludacris Grizzly Theme Song
  • Reckless Youth

Old Tyme Hockey.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Durant is out.
  • Thabo and Weaver are starting!?
  • Young Guns



This game!

Here is the first quarter redux:

Oh boy! Darius Miles and Robert Swift come off the bench to give this game a huge kick in the nuts. Woo hoo!

Also – Marko Jaric is 0/20—for the month—on all his shots? That is beyond pathetic. Does he really deserve her? Eh who freaking cares. The whole team sucks.

Here is who we need(ed) damnit:

Geez. And Bob Swift just freaking scored on us. And then rejected Rudy Gay. (fouled first).

Feb 24, 2009

Grizzlies at Cavaliers 02/24/09 pregame notes

Lebrandon James and the Cavs are hosting Memphis. Their last loss was February 10th in Indiana. Remember those wily Pacers? They have beaten all the top teams in the league and were the first to bring the World Champs down to earth this season. Well, if they can do it, we can do it! Right!? We just need to play them down to the wire and put Darko and King Arthur on Lebrandon in the paint. Body to body. Knock 'em down if you have to. Watch out for J.J.

Lorenzen Wright is still valuable – so what is Tarence Kinsey worth? Eh, five minutes a game.

Of course I like Wright but I am just as big a Kinsey fan especially with all of the fuss Ren had about his contract. He was an Achilles heal to this team going to the playoffs and he wanted more of a share in this team rather than taking a lesser role to allow us to fill in a true center and a true PG. Oh well. It's good to move on. DARKO! But TODAY we still don't have a substitute for Tarence Kinsey. Huh!? Baffling.

keys to the super bowl
  • Drop James.
  • Offense execution. Can I get some O.J.?
  • Mike Conley, Jr. needs to show everyone why he's here.
  • Darrell Arthur can step it up.
  • Hakim Warrick can start proving why he deserves a good deal this summer. The points explosion is necessary tonight.
  • Really there is scoring to be done tonight. Easily could dematerialize into a 70 point effort.
  • This is our show. Lebrandon and company are only here to witness it.
  • Grizzlies are getting a piece tonight.

Notes, Quotes
• It might have been the most explosive quarter of F LeBron James’ career. He began the third quarter of the Milwaukee game with a 15-foot jumper. Two long 3-pointers ensued. When the onslaught was over, he made 8 of 11 shots from the field, 5 of 6 from behind the arc and 2 of 4 free throws in the third.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Delonte West is back, and he's shooting better than Boobie Gibson. And he ain't cutting his fro until the season is over. That could be a while! Dangerous!
  • J.J. Hickson and company are getting stronger as season continues. Meanwhile, Z is back.
  • Ben Wallace does not like Memphis.
  • Adonal Foyle
  • Mo Williams does not like Memphis.
  • Mike Brown does not like Memphis.
  • Zydrunas Ilgauskas does not like Darko Milicic.
  • On the road again…This ain't no disco

Well it's a good thing they hate Memphis because I am a fool and thought they were playing at Fedex. Hopefully the toilet bowl will become the Quicken Loans center.

Devin Harris Improbable Buzzer Beater

How can you do that?

Kyle Lowry Tribute

I have been meaning to post my favorite photos from Kyle Lowry. Well, I never was much of a fan of his really. Villanova and Big East schools in general are not on my radar. So I don't have too many action shots saved. I never viewed him as much more than an energetic backup.

  • Lowry dunking on some goon in Orlando named Darko.

However, I felt Earl Watson was far more capable in this role. Maybe I am wrong and Kyle will one day be a starter and a semi-star in the league. Let's hope so! But he's gone from Grizz.

Lowry came into the league and I always remember Stephon Marbury saying right off the bat he had the stuff to make it in NBA. Soon after that early rookie game he was injured though and development had to wait.

Lowry was good but he just didn't seem to fit the mold of the guys who came before like Earl Watson, Bobby Jackson, and Brevin Knight. Maybe he is going to be better?

  • Klowry! Lucky number seven?

Feb 18, 2009


Reference: Types of NBA Trades

Now that Amaré is alleged to stay put in Phoenix, another high salary savior is being thrown around the rumor bins. VC never brought anything to New Jersey, but who wouldn't want to give him a try for a playoff push? Strange thing is that Phoenix and New Jersey will likely already be in playoffs with or without their stars. Ok, maybe Phoenix would fall out of contention withour Stoudemire. Maybe same for New Jersey. But they have to make that space available for King James and the Brooklyn Nets somehow, right? What's a crummy playoff ousting in first or second round this year compared to a potential future dynasty?

It's a crazy time of year. Everyone is settling into school and work and eying baseball spring training. What better way to revitalize interest in your product than to join in a blockbuster mid-season trade? What better way to skew the numbers and complicate things? Sure we did that pre-VC, but then look at us post-VC! Is that what Toronto is saying?

How do you really add value?

Feb 12, 2009

02/11/09 Sixers loss post-mortem

  • Hakim Warrick - Above the rim

  • Sixers on point.

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Hakim Warrick ties, yet does not quite overcome, his career high points. An inspired performance was witnessed by all.
    • O.J. hits his first 2pt bucket in the 4th Quarter, already in double digits scoring? Can't wait to see him in Phoenix play H-O-R-S-E.
    • Sixers superstars did their job ultimately. Andre Miller asserted himself and Iggy popped the weasel when it mattered most.

      – egads!
    • Tough home crowd with extremely annoying PA sound effects and disturbing, abnormal mood music. They play as much weird music to mess up the opposing team's flow as they play amped crowd pleaser music to rally the fans for the home team. Philly is funky.
    • Could have certainly used Rudy Gay, Darrel Arthur down the stretch on some defense and Darko was certainly limited tonight – not an 100% outing.
    • These Sixers are on a 4 game win streak where they've beaten other teams with far better records than ours by large double digit margins. We played very well relative to our reputation certainly! That's a good way to enter the Allstar break!
    • If only we had the sage Maurice Cheeks… Insider.

    The new commander however is certainly turning things around for this team. I was against the move, but am happy to concede he has come in and done great things already:
  • Feb 6, 2009

    Lakers win the series

    Popularity: 25%

    Did you catch that Celtics game? Gasol looked brilliant. Eddie House is amazing. Glenn Davis is still for real. Kobe was disruptive. Luke Walton was competent. But I went to sleep during the 4th quarter assuming they would pull out the win at home. You always risk that happening when you shut the broadcast off early in basketball!

    Celtics Lakers recap

    Feb 5, 2009

    02/05/09 Grizzlies victory post-mortem

    keys to the super bowl
    • Marko Jaric plus Darko Milicic equals GRIZZLY BEAR
    • Ovinton is playing very smart and effective. Too bad he can't come back to Madison Square Garden to try and match Kobe and Lebron's performances. What is all that about? Were there some kind of scouts from another planet at New York this week, recruiting for some alien basketball league that's going to abduct our top players? I'd like to see O.J. audition there again. Danilo would too.
    • Three point shooting. Rockets could have blasted back into our lead any time if we had not matched them down the stretch and then some.
    • Rudy is looking very savvy out there. I like his execution. I like his role.
    • Year of the OX: Yao was bulled over by Marc and Darko.
    • Scary when the big bear is hungry!!!

    MC Pee Pants' Solid Gold Review
    Dikembe Mutombo and Von Wafer are my dogs. You played the game. You got burned. Battier is making his case. He got the red coat. Dunleavy looking like a mustard salesman. Professor Planter's Peanuts wants him in the stands serving my ass. Grizzlies got their claws out. I want to give Darko his car keys back.

    Feb 4, 2009

    hump day away

    • Darius Miles interview
      And you see how hyped up this locker room is after the game, man? That’s how is supposed to be.

    • DOS – Grizzlies can beat Rockets a 2nd time this season and have first 2 game win streak in 2 months.
    • Thursday Night - Game of the Week - Celtics and Lakers.

      Both are banged up and won't look anything like they did in Championship, this year or last year, but always the match up is interesting. Check out Doc Rivers on WEEI recorded this morning.

    Classic match up. But KG is sick...

    Feb 2, 2009

    Grizzlies at Wizards 02/02/09

    How do you play after being snubbed from inclusion in the Sprite Rookie Sophomore All-Star game?

    Just ask Mike Conley Jr. and Javaris Crittenton after tonight's game.

    Expect big things. Their old teammates are both in: Thaddeus Young and Greg Oden. Their new teammates are in: Nick Young, OJ, and Marc Gasol. WAIT NO. Oops Nick Young isn't in either. Watch out Grizz!

    keys to the super bowl
    • Hawaiian Defense?

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Butler is similar to Ben Gordon and likes to torch Rudy Gay as underclassman.
    • Lesson learned from NFL is that it ain't over until the buzzer sounds. You can have the longest win streak of all history and still be thrown down by the number six seed at the last moment. You can have the victory in your clutches and all the momentum of the last 30 minutes, yet still lose the game in the final minute of regulation.
    • Grant Hill says, "It's not how you start but how you finish." So watch out for Nash, Hill, and Shaqdaddy in May/June. Watch out for Wizards in 4th