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Jan 8, 2009

Power Moves in Memphis!

Huge headlines. I can hardly contain myself. Forget the losses of the past 2 nights. Be assured; I know there must be a master plan in effect.

Let's recap starting with most recent news first. That was an awesome move to trade a future pick for this guy and then put him on waivers five minutes later. WAY TO GO!
Shaun Livingston - never was as good as Earl Watson

That made very clear sense in the wake of the release of Darius Miles.

Right, so this Chris Wallace quote is a golden nugget of wisdom:
"It's tough to guarantee somebody right now and use up flexibility. We'll take a breather and see how long this thing takes with Darko. There's no other signing imminent but we'll take a look at the field a little bit."

Good thing for rabid fans like us the breather was short. Our prayers for our injured Center spot were answered in the likes of a crippled bean pole guard who weighs one hundred pounds less than Marc Gasol and is half a foot shorter than Haddadi. So good thing we put Livingston on waivers, right? It must be a smart move because it sure has me baffled.

The trend is clear that we are going after Stephon Marbury. I lobbied a few years ago for bringing back Memphis great Penny Hardaway and University of Alabama Hall of Famer, Latrell Sprewell. But I must say I did not anticipate the Grizzlies bringing back this guy:

From wikipedia:
Steve Franchise publicly announced that he did not want to play for the Grizzlies, citing the distance from his Maryland home, taxes, endorsements, and God's will.

He must be truly damned by his god if willed to a place of such depravity and ignorance as Houston, Texas. There are few worse places in the United States to live and work.

Ah but it's really just about money. From the Memphis CA:

If Francis never dribbles the basketball in a regular-season game for the Griz, the reunion will have been fruitful figuratively and financially. If Francis had played his otherwise stellar NBA career in Vancouver like he was supposed to, the Griz would never have moved to Memphis.

Plus, insiders claim Houston sent $3 million along with the 2009 second-round pick. That more than covers what remains on Francis' $2.6 million salary for this season.

Francis' contract also expires after this season, meaning the Griz won't compromise room under the salary cap.

Memphis should be glad the Franchise is here.

So don't expect Penny Hardaway or Stephon Marbury to be the next to transition over to the Grizz.

But you can expect much more of this:

Dang, I probably just jinxed Hamed. Sorry dude. You're my favorite Elvis lookalike. I really mean that.

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