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Jan 16, 2009

Jazz at Grizzlies 01/16/09

Coming in out of the rain to hear the JAZZ GO DOWN
Too much competition too many other places
But not too many horns can make that sound
Way on downsouth way on downsouth

Jazzholes Team Report Jan 16, 2009

As much as they talked about being a better road team this season, the Jazz hit rock bottom Wednesday night in being embarrassed 114-93 by the NBA-worst Thunder to open a three-game trip.
Now the Jazz face a must-win game Friday at Memphis, not only to try to snap a five-game road losing streak but to show that another season won't be defined by continued struggles on the road.

keys to the super bowl
  • OFFENSE. Thunder went for 30 point quarters and Jazz are too undermanned to respond right now.
  • Injury report; BOOZER, MILSAP, CJ Miles
  • O.J. Mayo has always had a great bounce back game when scoring low previously. He nearly had a triple double after one 7 pt performance in December and had over 20 points in another follow up.
  • Rudy is back on track perhaps but against this team he can go for 40 points.
  • Gasol has to hold it down. He needs a little help from Warrick and Arthur though. It would be nice if Miles and Haddadi can bust some heads too.
  • Friday night home games should always be winners. The fans come to see theatrics. They come to see stars like Deron Williams especially. But they ultimately come to see the home team win. That's how it is tonight. Sorry Utah!

keys to the toilet bowl
  • The Memphis Grizzlies cannot stop three point shooters like Korver, Williams, Price, Okur, etc.
  • Darius Miles is attacked by the so-called Portland Punisher
  • Marc Gasol is out-Euroed by Koufus.
  • Mike Conley is out-Buckeyed by Koufus.
  • Fedex Forum a curse to Grizzlies when playing Jazz?

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