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Jan 28, 2009

Grizzlies at Thunder 01/28/09 pregame notes

Yes I saw the Grizzlies at Madison Square Garden in person last Friday! I entered the arena at the front of the line the moment they let normal fans into the gates. Gay, Ross, and Warrick were all shooting with some of the assistants still. I think Al Harrington and/or Quentin Richardson were shooting on the other side but I didn't really watch. Hamed Haddadi was busy talking to a lot of people but I don't think most fans knew he was an NBA player. They didn't go after him for autographs. Rudy and Warrick posed for a couple photos and took a lot of autographs before they went in the locker. Good guys.

The game started off really well. Perhaps they wanted a new identity with their first game without Coach Ivy? Mike Conley had like 10 points on their 22-7 breakout. The game got away in the second quarter though and Knicks never looked back.

I noticed Marko Jaric and Darius Miles instantly got minutes with Ivy gone. I thought this was awesome but perhaps it was because Buckner was injured only? Not sure what is going on there. Jaric should be getting all of Buckner's minutes and more. SO what is going on there? I thought it was a good sign to see him in this game. There were an awful lot of stupid fouls in this game. Lowry, Warrick, and Ross were playing like junk. Miles was not very good either.

I did think one observation in the game is that they need plays for O.J. Mayo. He's not getting going in the game. It's a damn shame to watch Nate Robinson getting his and we got O.J. Mayo with no good looks from the offensive schemes (which of course were more or less nonexistent for this game with no coach). Mike Conley got lucky wide open shots but we can do that every night if we function with a coherent game plan and function as a unit instead of a consortium of random ping pong balls out there. This makes both ends of the ball game easier to play and watch!

keys to the super bowl
  • Darius Freaking Miles
  • But How to beat the Thunder? Individual athleticism? Not sure. Hollins says we're out of shape! Hustle to win!
  • Getting tough on defense is a good start. We were downright gangsters against Denver and it kept us in the game most of the way.
  • Finish the job is the hard part. You can't let a Kevin Durant run out on us for 30 points. Or Westbrook. Or Green. Or Robert Swift!
  • Gasol can stretch his legs again and rock his flow hook tonight. Put up 20 on these very week front court Thunders. Chris Wilcox too slow, Collins too weak, Swift too self-consciously white.
  • You got to hold back the emotions tonight facing Chucky and Earl.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • The Faux Hawk has got to go! Birdman has brought it to its regrettable end…
  • Run wild again because Thunder have no real coherent offense. Answering their anarchy with our anarchy will surely be a step into defeating madness.
  • They might not have the organization to play against PLAYOFF level NBA teams but Thunder do not lack HEART and DETERMINATION. That home crowd at lovely Ford Center can't hurt either. They shall overcome Grizzlies through devotion.
  • Grizzlies ain't been getting to the line. They appear to do better recently but at the sacrifice of actually scoring quality buckets on next play.

  • OKC Thunderboomers are all over the place, and by normal distribution breakthrough will eventually occur. They regularly shoot over fifty percent and take more than thirty free throws a game. (When they win!). Grizzlies all around defense is perhaps worst in the league...

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