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Jan 6, 2009

Grizzlies and Twolves 01/06/09

What was.

What could have been.

What we got!

Did you know Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair are cousins? Did you know Mike Miller played high school basketball in the Corn Palace?

Yes, it kind of looks where Haddadi played high school too. OK maybe not. I wonder how much corn is grown in Serbia? Amazingly, quite a lot is produced according to this piece of text I found on the Internet:

Agriculture: Wheat, Corn also for export, Prostran. In 2005, two million tonnes of corn would be left over for export.

By another amazing coincidence - the google search top results for "Prostran" are ok some skinny European basketball kid!

We might be in trouble tonight, after all. Our only chance was the Serbian Prostran connection and it doesn't look like Darko or Jaric will factor much in this game.

Give up your kernels to these guys:
  • Brian Cardinal Jason Collins Kevin Love Mark Madsen Mike Miller Kevin Ollie

  • keys to the super bowl
    • Darius Freaking Miles
    • Hamed Haddadi scores again
    • O.J. Mayo to the allstar game
    • Rudy Gay is back yall
    • Marc Gasol – Dos Punto Cero!
    • Marko Jaric has to represent for his boy Antoine since the bad press. It's not all about fast cars, supermodels, 'tron on ice, and rubber band banks in your pocket.

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Minnesota is on its first winning streak of the season. Don't let them threaten ours by making us their 3rd win in a row. (Which they should already have without the epic collapse in Dallas)
    • Stop fighting because they lack any and all kinds of clutchness and discipline.
    • Mike Miller homecoming party. Sure it's ok to have him over for the weekend but you don't let him make out with your girlfriend.
    • Kevin Love, Cardinal, Carney, Gomes, Telfair, Ollie, Collins... seems like everyone has something to prove while in Memphis.

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    Anonymous said...

    You are a funny guy, I enjoy your blog! God that sounds lame but so be it.