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Jan 2, 2009

Grizzlies and Spurs 01/02/09 pregame notes

What up yall? —sorry I have not been keeping this up over holidays but you know how that goes. This is all for fun anyway. I might not stick to the format of a pregame and post-mortem all season long. It's a little too much work.

New Year's rematch from the post Christmas double OT thriller!

They roll into town knowing there's room to improve – especially if they need two overtimes to take care of lowly Memphis and can't take care of business against Milwaukee at home either. They know they have to keep it in gear to last to playoffs and yet I am sure a Friday night game after a small break will allow them to push back when provoked.

Memphis needs to replicate the win they almost had and the win Bucks got by playing solid team ball all night and wearing the old guys down. Their bench is not deep and I will cry if I read that Kurt Thomas has dominated Darrel Arthur or Marc Gasol. If Andrew Bogut can whip them so can we.

keys to the super bowl
  • Marc Iavaroni says stick to the offensive gameplan. Hear that Rudy?
  • O.J. Mayo will have some ups and downs but tonight he has to get up, especially against Manu and Roger Mason, Jr. George Hill might also whip us similar to the first game against Spurs in November. It is critical to contain their shooting guards tonight.
  • Gasol can't get dejected and already he has great confidence to take 10 footers and longer and make them well. I like to see him threaten more in this league as the year progresses.
  • Steve Francis has to get in there and make some headlines!

keys to the toilet bowl
  • “It was a lot of missed assignments,” Popovich said. “They played sharper and were more aggressive than we were. They deserved to win.”
  • Finish the win because the game is won in the fourth quarter. These old goons are smart and will ride the bench then come out with amazing speed and deftness if you are dragging in the later stage of the game.
  • Tony Parker rolls to the paint and often makes the traditional three point play.
  • Without Darko Milicic around, Duncan is going to have monster game.
  • I miss the old days of Nazr Mohammed. Funny how he went from starting 2005 Finals Champion Spurs team to the declining Detroit Pistons after they lost to the Spurs that year. read more here

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