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Jan 12, 2009

Grizzles and Cavs 01/13/09 pregame notes

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.


Darius Miles headed back to Memphis!
  • I am freaking stoked. I can't stand when the roster is not full and in fact our team is a terrible record and has many weaknesses. I also hate these 10 day contracts. But at least he has another shot. At least there is still hope for a new democracy. The moguls of the Northwest have not ruined our lives, the economy, and our sport!

  • The "Power Moves" really are happening too. The latest rumor is that Mike Conley, Jr. is out. He has tremendous upside but most skeptics would not expect him to suddenly transform to a perennial Allstar after going under the radar in Memphis for a second season. Memphis will get back to other "prospects" from Milwaukee that may never average double doubles, but can be capable of their own breakout games on the pro level. Joe Alexander has a ways to go but he was a sleeper lottery pick this year that many believe could be something very special as he elevates his game above his peers. Then Ramon Sessions is just an instinct killer that can shoot anywhere on the court and find a way to get all his teammates the ball.

    keys to the super bowl
    • Darius Freaking Miles
    • Hamed Haddadi scores again!!!
    • O.J. Mayo to the allstar game. Well he leads us in scoring but not only that - he leads in 3PT and FT% as well. Efficient and supremely talented! Rudy only leads us in steals now. But hey - at least he's playing some defense and hustling. This team could still come together and pull off some more quality wins this season to avoid the toilet bowl.
    • Stopping the Varajao and Ben Wallace. Gasol has to be the big bull!
    • Kyle Lowry can hang with Mo Williams and that would be a good direction.
    • Game plan is what it is tonight. Cavs play their rotation and follow the leader. But Grizzlies need a solid philosophy from the coaches I think to keep their heads above water on this one. What that philosophy may be I cannot tell you!

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Looks like a walk to me. I don't see what the f*3k it has to do with crabs though. Decide for yourself:

    • Ask Paul Pierce what it was like guarding Lebrandon James last Friday.
    • The shots will fall. Between Williams, West, Gibson, and Wally they can shoot the ball a lot better than us. Ok Wally and Lebrandon aren't the top of the league shooters behind the line, but I wouldn't fall back on either!
    • Terrorized on the boards because Varajao is finally here to play. Then Hickson is making a name for himself when he gets minutes. And Ben Wallace is still BIG FREAKING BEN.
    • What exactly are the odds of the hottest team losing to one of the coldest? Grizzlies cannot look logically at the game. They have to lose their conscience and just go at them like they're the JV team and Memphis Fedex Forum is their home town varsity court. It's up to them to beat us. Whoever they are…

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