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Jan 9, 2009

Celtics at Cavaliers 01/09/09

Grizzlies are playing in Toronto tonight, which probably will be the least watched game across the world. Instead I will be watching the local heroes take on Lebrandon James. This should be a good one! Check out this awesome write up on the game: Epic Enough For You? And of course, don't forget Perk is a Beast and underdog.

UPDATE: That was dud of a game. Pierce was totally owned by Lebrandon James. Rondo looked wonky. Perkins was abused by Varajao and Wallace. Ray Allen hit his first three pointer and first points I think of the night midway in the third quarter when we were falling behind by 12 points or so. Cleveland responded by scoring 2 or 3 in row after that. I quit watching some time in the fourth! Celtics need to regroup or should have taken another look at Darius Miles. Doh!