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Jan 22, 2009

01/19/09 Pistons MLK loss post mortem

I watched a TON of basketball over the MLK weekend. My fiancé will attest to that. I'm almost out of the doghouse after buying flowers and promising a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant (which has not happened yet…), but I digress.

There were several fantastic games on Monday that went to the wire. Grizzlies themselves almost took Pistons to the wire, but fell short in the final minute primarily due to the thuggery of Antonio McDyess. The guy is a joke. He had a few great playoff moments where you said, "oh my god where did he come from? I thought he was retired? What great effort!" But now he needs to fade off with Juwan Howard. I officially hate him as a player, which I'm totally entitled to doing as a senseless fanatic of the other team.


The game itself was pleasant enough. The Grizzlies have wonderful potential. I don't know how many people have said it but their starting 5 is younger than the Tiger's Men's 07/08 starting 5. Fratello speculated what Iavaroni meant by relaying this fact again to him before the game. He thinks it means there's lots of room to improve. But also it's kind of a lament perhaps indicating frustrations he's having with his more immature young guns. Rudy and Ovinton definitely need to take less tough shots and get to the free throw line (when O.J. learns this he will be averaging 35 points in that season - I guarantee it!).

Let's get this out of the way.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Greg Buckner and Quinton Ross out! Oh no.
  • Marko Jaric finally is getting minutes but should have been since October. It's probably too late for him to contribute. It's definitely too late for Crittenton…
  • O.J. may be hitting the rookie wall. Marc Gasol may hit the wall but likely would come out the other side of it a bigger and better man.
  • Darrel Arthur might not be the lottery pick steal of the draft we thought he was originally.
  • Without Darko what are the Grizzlies? Teddy Bears?
  • Hakim Warrick takes some distance shots with good percentage and his floating lay in that might have been accidental was a beauty. For him to be a bonafide NBA starter/star roster man he's going to have to increase his point differentials with his opponent. His defense should have even more room for improvement.
  • Grizz should have been doing something zany. I didn't see him on TV so maybe someone at the game could correct me - but I need more antics from the mascot.
  • Energy. Need more. 48 minutes is a long time to play. But I thought this was the most important game of the year. What game could be more important? I wanted to see them lay it all out. But I guess they must play under control. Still this was perhaps the most boring NBA game I watched over the weekend which puts it below about 10 other games. That's BAD for TNT and BAD for Memphis. I would replace the Memphis game with Philadelphia next year. But Brandi certainly brought a great performance and looked great on HDTV!

I can't even comment on the Wednesday night Bobcats game because I did not watch it! For my own mental welfare, I'm glad I did not. I don't want further corruption and malaise to take away from my next viewing of the Grizzlies…

However - expect a very emphatic analysis and detailed blogging of the upcoming New York City Knickerbockers contest, which I shall attend in person! WOO HOO!!!!

One of the spectacular games from the MLK day was the Knicks and Bulls game. Danilo Gallinari was excellent. After watching Bargnani going up against the Suns as well, I have high hopes for D'Antoni's new protegé.

Grizzlies will have to watch out because Knicks are looking very strong with another win over Phoenix. Chris Duhon is also talking trash about Barack Obama. These guys are not to be taken lightly! Especially with the devastating loss to the Knicks early in the season at home, the Grizz bear cubs have a lot to focus on at MSG.

Let's hope Marc Tanqueta Gasol Dos Punto Cero gets great support from the NYC area fans. The last time I was there for a Grizzlies game in 2006, Pau Gasol had like 37 points and the crowd was thrilled to see him, yet very angry and yelling about their team in the restrooms, "They have no HONOR!"

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