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Jan 28, 2009

Grizzlies at Thunder 01/28/09 pregame notes

Yes I saw the Grizzlies at Madison Square Garden in person last Friday! I entered the arena at the front of the line the moment they let normal fans into the gates. Gay, Ross, and Warrick were all shooting with some of the assistants still. I think Al Harrington and/or Quentin Richardson were shooting on the other side but I didn't really watch. Hamed Haddadi was busy talking to a lot of people but I don't think most fans knew he was an NBA player. They didn't go after him for autographs. Rudy and Warrick posed for a couple photos and took a lot of autographs before they went in the locker. Good guys.

The game started off really well. Perhaps they wanted a new identity with their first game without Coach Ivy? Mike Conley had like 10 points on their 22-7 breakout. The game got away in the second quarter though and Knicks never looked back.

I noticed Marko Jaric and Darius Miles instantly got minutes with Ivy gone. I thought this was awesome but perhaps it was because Buckner was injured only? Not sure what is going on there. Jaric should be getting all of Buckner's minutes and more. SO what is going on there? I thought it was a good sign to see him in this game. There were an awful lot of stupid fouls in this game. Lowry, Warrick, and Ross were playing like junk. Miles was not very good either.

I did think one observation in the game is that they need plays for O.J. Mayo. He's not getting going in the game. It's a damn shame to watch Nate Robinson getting his and we got O.J. Mayo with no good looks from the offensive schemes (which of course were more or less nonexistent for this game with no coach). Mike Conley got lucky wide open shots but we can do that every night if we function with a coherent game plan and function as a unit instead of a consortium of random ping pong balls out there. This makes both ends of the ball game easier to play and watch!

keys to the super bowl
  • Darius Freaking Miles
  • But How to beat the Thunder? Individual athleticism? Not sure. Hollins says we're out of shape! Hustle to win!
  • Getting tough on defense is a good start. We were downright gangsters against Denver and it kept us in the game most of the way.
  • Finish the job is the hard part. You can't let a Kevin Durant run out on us for 30 points. Or Westbrook. Or Green. Or Robert Swift!
  • Gasol can stretch his legs again and rock his flow hook tonight. Put up 20 on these very week front court Thunders. Chris Wilcox too slow, Collins too weak, Swift too self-consciously white.
  • You got to hold back the emotions tonight facing Chucky and Earl.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • The Faux Hawk has got to go! Birdman has brought it to its regrettable end…
  • Run wild again because Thunder have no real coherent offense. Answering their anarchy with our anarchy will surely be a step into defeating madness.
  • They might not have the organization to play against PLAYOFF level NBA teams but Thunder do not lack HEART and DETERMINATION. That home crowd at lovely Ford Center can't hurt either. They shall overcome Grizzlies through devotion.
  • Grizzlies ain't been getting to the line. They appear to do better recently but at the sacrifice of actually scoring quality buckets on next play.

  • OKC Thunderboomers are all over the place, and by normal distribution breakthrough will eventually occur. They regularly shoot over fifty percent and take more than thirty free throws a game. (When they win!). Grizzlies all around defense is perhaps worst in the league...

Jan 23, 2009

A New Day?

I don't think it was a good move. But I KNOW THIS IS A BAD MOVE.

Is he working for free as a volunteer coach? Minimum wage? Did Sidney Lowe ask for too much money?

Jan 22, 2009

Allstar Rankings

Allen Iverson Detroit
(2) $21,937,500
(6) Scoring Among Guards
Dwyane Wade Miami
(27) $14,410,581
(1) Scoring Among Guards
LeBron James Cleveland
(27) $14,410,581
(1) Scoring Among SF
Kevin Garnett Boston
(1) $24,750,000
(3) Scoring Among PF
Dwight Howard
(NR) $13,758,000
(1) Scoring Among C
Kobe Bryant LA Lakers
(6) $21,262,500
(1) Scoring Among SG
Chris Paul
(NR) $4,574,189
(2) Scoring Among PG
Tim Duncan San Antonio
(8) $20,598,703
(4) Scoring Among FC
Amare Stoudemire Phoenix
(21) $15,070,550
(3) Scoring Among FC
Yao Ming Houston
(21) $15,070,550
(2) Scoring Among C

Notable snubs: Chris Bosh (1) Scoring Among FC, Devon Harris (1) Scoring Among PG, Danny Granger (1) Scoring Among GF, Dirk Nowitzki (1) Scoring Among PF

Notably overpaid: Starbury (2), Kidd (4), Jermaine (5), Franchisel (10), TMac (7), Shaq (9), Matrix (11)

Meaningless Predictions

Steelers 34
Cardinals 13

Worst Super Bowl, Ever?

01/19/09 Pistons MLK loss post mortem

I watched a TON of basketball over the MLK weekend. My fiancé will attest to that. I'm almost out of the doghouse after buying flowers and promising a romantic dinner at a fancy restaurant (which has not happened yet…), but I digress.

There were several fantastic games on Monday that went to the wire. Grizzlies themselves almost took Pistons to the wire, but fell short in the final minute primarily due to the thuggery of Antonio McDyess. The guy is a joke. He had a few great playoff moments where you said, "oh my god where did he come from? I thought he was retired? What great effort!" But now he needs to fade off with Juwan Howard. I officially hate him as a player, which I'm totally entitled to doing as a senseless fanatic of the other team.


The game itself was pleasant enough. The Grizzlies have wonderful potential. I don't know how many people have said it but their starting 5 is younger than the Tiger's Men's 07/08 starting 5. Fratello speculated what Iavaroni meant by relaying this fact again to him before the game. He thinks it means there's lots of room to improve. But also it's kind of a lament perhaps indicating frustrations he's having with his more immature young guns. Rudy and Ovinton definitely need to take less tough shots and get to the free throw line (when O.J. learns this he will be averaging 35 points in that season - I guarantee it!).

Let's get this out of the way.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Greg Buckner and Quinton Ross out! Oh no.
  • Marko Jaric finally is getting minutes but should have been since October. It's probably too late for him to contribute. It's definitely too late for Crittenton…
  • O.J. may be hitting the rookie wall. Marc Gasol may hit the wall but likely would come out the other side of it a bigger and better man.
  • Darrel Arthur might not be the lottery pick steal of the draft we thought he was originally.
  • Without Darko what are the Grizzlies? Teddy Bears?
  • Hakim Warrick takes some distance shots with good percentage and his floating lay in that might have been accidental was a beauty. For him to be a bonafide NBA starter/star roster man he's going to have to increase his point differentials with his opponent. His defense should have even more room for improvement.
  • Grizz should have been doing something zany. I didn't see him on TV so maybe someone at the game could correct me - but I need more antics from the mascot.
  • Energy. Need more. 48 minutes is a long time to play. But I thought this was the most important game of the year. What game could be more important? I wanted to see them lay it all out. But I guess they must play under control. Still this was perhaps the most boring NBA game I watched over the weekend which puts it below about 10 other games. That's BAD for TNT and BAD for Memphis. I would replace the Memphis game with Philadelphia next year. But Brandi certainly brought a great performance and looked great on HDTV!

I can't even comment on the Wednesday night Bobcats game because I did not watch it! For my own mental welfare, I'm glad I did not. I don't want further corruption and malaise to take away from my next viewing of the Grizzlies…

However - expect a very emphatic analysis and detailed blogging of the upcoming New York City Knickerbockers contest, which I shall attend in person! WOO HOO!!!!

One of the spectacular games from the MLK day was the Knicks and Bulls game. Danilo Gallinari was excellent. After watching Bargnani going up against the Suns as well, I have high hopes for D'Antoni's new protegé.

Grizzlies will have to watch out because Knicks are looking very strong with another win over Phoenix. Chris Duhon is also talking trash about Barack Obama. These guys are not to be taken lightly! Especially with the devastating loss to the Knicks early in the season at home, the Grizz bear cubs have a lot to focus on at MSG.

Let's hope Marc Tanqueta Gasol Dos Punto Cero gets great support from the NYC area fans. The last time I was there for a Grizzlies game in 2006, Pau Gasol had like 37 points and the crowd was thrilled to see him, yet very angry and yelling about their team in the restrooms, "They have no HONOR!"

Jan 16, 2009

Jazz at Grizzlies 01/16/09

Coming in out of the rain to hear the JAZZ GO DOWN
Too much competition too many other places
But not too many horns can make that sound
Way on downsouth way on downsouth

Jazzholes Team Report Jan 16, 2009

As much as they talked about being a better road team this season, the Jazz hit rock bottom Wednesday night in being embarrassed 114-93 by the NBA-worst Thunder to open a three-game trip.
Now the Jazz face a must-win game Friday at Memphis, not only to try to snap a five-game road losing streak but to show that another season won't be defined by continued struggles on the road.

keys to the super bowl
  • OFFENSE. Thunder went for 30 point quarters and Jazz are too undermanned to respond right now.
  • Injury report; BOOZER, MILSAP, CJ Miles
  • O.J. Mayo has always had a great bounce back game when scoring low previously. He nearly had a triple double after one 7 pt performance in December and had over 20 points in another follow up.
  • Rudy is back on track perhaps but against this team he can go for 40 points.
  • Gasol has to hold it down. He needs a little help from Warrick and Arthur though. It would be nice if Miles and Haddadi can bust some heads too.
  • Friday night home games should always be winners. The fans come to see theatrics. They come to see stars like Deron Williams especially. But they ultimately come to see the home team win. That's how it is tonight. Sorry Utah!

keys to the toilet bowl
  • The Memphis Grizzlies cannot stop three point shooters like Korver, Williams, Price, Okur, etc.
  • Darius Miles is attacked by the so-called Portland Punisher
  • Marc Gasol is out-Euroed by Koufus.
  • Mike Conley is out-Buckeyed by Koufus.
  • Fedex Forum a curse to Grizzlies when playing Jazz?

Jan 12, 2009

Grizzles and Cavs 01/13/09 pregame notes

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.


Darius Miles headed back to Memphis!
  • I am freaking stoked. I can't stand when the roster is not full and in fact our team is a terrible record and has many weaknesses. I also hate these 10 day contracts. But at least he has another shot. At least there is still hope for a new democracy. The moguls of the Northwest have not ruined our lives, the economy, and our sport!

  • The "Power Moves" really are happening too. The latest rumor is that Mike Conley, Jr. is out. He has tremendous upside but most skeptics would not expect him to suddenly transform to a perennial Allstar after going under the radar in Memphis for a second season. Memphis will get back to other "prospects" from Milwaukee that may never average double doubles, but can be capable of their own breakout games on the pro level. Joe Alexander has a ways to go but he was a sleeper lottery pick this year that many believe could be something very special as he elevates his game above his peers. Then Ramon Sessions is just an instinct killer that can shoot anywhere on the court and find a way to get all his teammates the ball.

    keys to the super bowl
    • Darius Freaking Miles
    • Hamed Haddadi scores again!!!
    • O.J. Mayo to the allstar game. Well he leads us in scoring but not only that - he leads in 3PT and FT% as well. Efficient and supremely talented! Rudy only leads us in steals now. But hey - at least he's playing some defense and hustling. This team could still come together and pull off some more quality wins this season to avoid the toilet bowl.
    • Stopping the Varajao and Ben Wallace. Gasol has to be the big bull!
    • Kyle Lowry can hang with Mo Williams and that would be a good direction.
    • Game plan is what it is tonight. Cavs play their rotation and follow the leader. But Grizzlies need a solid philosophy from the coaches I think to keep their heads above water on this one. What that philosophy may be I cannot tell you!

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Looks like a walk to me. I don't see what the f*3k it has to do with crabs though. Decide for yourself:

    • Ask Paul Pierce what it was like guarding Lebrandon James last Friday.
    • The shots will fall. Between Williams, West, Gibson, and Wally they can shoot the ball a lot better than us. Ok Wally and Lebrandon aren't the top of the league shooters behind the line, but I wouldn't fall back on either!
    • Terrorized on the boards because Varajao is finally here to play. Then Hickson is making a name for himself when he gets minutes. And Ben Wallace is still BIG FREAKING BEN.
    • What exactly are the odds of the hottest team losing to one of the coldest? Grizzlies cannot look logically at the game. They have to lose their conscience and just go at them like they're the JV team and Memphis Fedex Forum is their home town varsity court. It's up to them to beat us. Whoever they are…

    Jan 9, 2009

    Celtics at Cavaliers 01/09/09

    Grizzlies are playing in Toronto tonight, which probably will be the least watched game across the world. Instead I will be watching the local heroes take on Lebrandon James. This should be a good one! Check out this awesome write up on the game: Epic Enough For You? And of course, don't forget Perk is a Beast and underdog.

    UPDATE: That was dud of a game. Pierce was totally owned by Lebrandon James. Rondo looked wonky. Perkins was abused by Varajao and Wallace. Ray Allen hit his first three pointer and first points I think of the night midway in the third quarter when we were falling behind by 12 points or so. Cleveland responded by scoring 2 or 3 in row after that. I quit watching some time in the fourth! Celtics need to regroup or should have taken another look at Darius Miles. Doh!

    Jan 8, 2009

    Power Moves in Memphis!

    Huge headlines. I can hardly contain myself. Forget the losses of the past 2 nights. Be assured; I know there must be a master plan in effect.

    Let's recap starting with most recent news first. That was an awesome move to trade a future pick for this guy and then put him on waivers five minutes later. WAY TO GO!
    Shaun Livingston - never was as good as Earl Watson

    That made very clear sense in the wake of the release of Darius Miles.

    Right, so this Chris Wallace quote is a golden nugget of wisdom:
    "It's tough to guarantee somebody right now and use up flexibility. We'll take a breather and see how long this thing takes with Darko. There's no other signing imminent but we'll take a look at the field a little bit."

    Good thing for rabid fans like us the breather was short. Our prayers for our injured Center spot were answered in the likes of a crippled bean pole guard who weighs one hundred pounds less than Marc Gasol and is half a foot shorter than Haddadi. So good thing we put Livingston on waivers, right? It must be a smart move because it sure has me baffled.

    The trend is clear that we are going after Stephon Marbury. I lobbied a few years ago for bringing back Memphis great Penny Hardaway and University of Alabama Hall of Famer, Latrell Sprewell. But I must say I did not anticipate the Grizzlies bringing back this guy:

    From wikipedia:
    Steve Franchise publicly announced that he did not want to play for the Grizzlies, citing the distance from his Maryland home, taxes, endorsements, and God's will.

    He must be truly damned by his god if willed to a place of such depravity and ignorance as Houston, Texas. There are few worse places in the United States to live and work.

    Ah but it's really just about money. From the Memphis CA:

    If Francis never dribbles the basketball in a regular-season game for the Griz, the reunion will have been fruitful figuratively and financially. If Francis had played his otherwise stellar NBA career in Vancouver like he was supposed to, the Griz would never have moved to Memphis.

    Plus, insiders claim Houston sent $3 million along with the 2009 second-round pick. That more than covers what remains on Francis' $2.6 million salary for this season.

    Francis' contract also expires after this season, meaning the Griz won't compromise room under the salary cap.

    Memphis should be glad the Franchise is here.

    So don't expect Penny Hardaway or Stephon Marbury to be the next to transition over to the Grizz.

    But you can expect much more of this:

    Dang, I probably just jinxed Hamed. Sorry dude. You're my favorite Elvis lookalike. I really mean that.

    Jan 6, 2009

    Grizzlies and Twolves 01/06/09

    What was.

    What could have been.

    What we got!

    Did you know Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair are cousins? Did you know Mike Miller played high school basketball in the Corn Palace?

    Yes, it kind of looks where Haddadi played high school too. OK maybe not. I wonder how much corn is grown in Serbia? Amazingly, quite a lot is produced according to this piece of text I found on the Internet:

    Agriculture: Wheat, Corn also for export, Prostran. In 2005, two million tonnes of corn would be left over for export.

    By another amazing coincidence - the google search top results for "Prostran" are ok some skinny European basketball kid!

    We might be in trouble tonight, after all. Our only chance was the Serbian Prostran connection and it doesn't look like Darko or Jaric will factor much in this game.

    Give up your kernels to these guys:
  • Brian Cardinal Jason Collins Kevin Love Mark Madsen Mike Miller Kevin Ollie

  • keys to the super bowl
    • Darius Freaking Miles
    • Hamed Haddadi scores again
    • O.J. Mayo to the allstar game
    • Rudy Gay is back yall
    • Marc Gasol – Dos Punto Cero!
    • Marko Jaric has to represent for his boy Antoine since the bad press. It's not all about fast cars, supermodels, 'tron on ice, and rubber band banks in your pocket.

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Minnesota is on its first winning streak of the season. Don't let them threaten ours by making us their 3rd win in a row. (Which they should already have without the epic collapse in Dallas)
    • Stop fighting because they lack any and all kinds of clutchness and discipline.
    • Mike Miller homecoming party. Sure it's ok to have him over for the weekend but you don't let him make out with your girlfriend.
    • Kevin Love, Cardinal, Carney, Gomes, Telfair, Ollie, Collins... seems like everyone has something to prove while in Memphis.