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Dec 29, 2008

Grizzlies Christmas Week Redux

Monday December 22 - Lakers 105 Grizzlies 96

Game was tied by a miracle clutch three at 96 by OJ Mayo. Then Kobe got a second chance counter attack three to put them up by three again. The next 2 possessions Rudy Gay tried to do it alone, bricking a long three and forcing an ugly turnover drive to the paint. Perhaps the worst part was seeing Pau Gasol totally dominate in the final minutes. But overall this was a thrilling game in which we led for a large portion.

Tuesday December 23 - Dallas 100 Grizzlies 82

Pathetic and it was blocked from cable at our house.

Friday December 26 - Pacers 105 Grizzlies 108

Game started out as ugly as ever with the old team showing up full of Christmas turkey just like after Thanksgiving. We found ourselves down 38 to 15 of maybe worse in the first quarter. By some miracle the Pacers just went completely flat in the final five minutes of the half and we cut the lead to 68-59.

Our free throws were still at 17%, which is worse than a well-trained sea lion in an Iowa zoo. But we kept attacking. And by the fourth quarter Hakim Warrick had broken a monster dunk again on Danny Granger's face and sent him back to the "cornrows". Mike Conley also played a perfect game off the bench. Buckner was solid as well. I liked seeing Darko help lead the fight back to get us in the game and we kept the momentum even with his injury.

This was the best Grizzlies game I've attended at Fedex Forum in fact. I've only been to about 12 to 15 since I am away 99% of the year, but it certainly was fun. Jarrett Jack is one of my favorites but only because he was a part of the greatest Georgia Tech basketball team probably ever. He really is not very good but his size is amazing and he doesn't make any big mistakes. I still think he is about as good as Jameer Nelson but not among the league's elite point guards. I went to get a beer and heard some folks discussing Travis Deneir with great anger in their comments, "WHY AM I NOT IN THE NBA if THAT GUY is? He is five foot ten and can't make a shot to save his life. Hell I should get paid to do a better job than that." I feel the same way brother!

And you have to question why Roy Hibbert never got his last foul. He went out with five and never came back. Until then I don't think we had an answer for him (Haddadi just isn't ready I guess?). Oh well! We caught some luck with that and Granger obviously. Marquis Daniels was just making us look stupid inside as well.

Mayo is money! Grizzlies for the win! HAK ATTACK!

Saturday December 27 - Spurs 106 Grizzlies 103

Another very impressive moral victory in the double OT loss to San Antonio. This was a game the refs just gave to the former Champions. We only caught the three quarters and the overtimes more or less, but it is very good to see us sticking to the game plans and having guys like King Arthur stepping it up in Texas. Grizzlies will go to Minnesota knowing they are the better team and we should see a big win tonight.

It's good to see us improve and challenge powerhouses in the west night after night. For this team to make close to thirty wins by the playoffs and their Alaskan fishing cruises, Rudy has to also take his game up a notch. Grizzlies can be tough to hang with assuming they develop.

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