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Dec 8, 2008

Grizzlies at Rockets 12/08/08 pregame notes

Grizzlies rematch in Houston. Grizzlies lost a tremendously sloppy one in their season opener at "RED ALCOHOLIC DEVIL NIGHT" against the Rockets just before Halloween night.

Sure, they won 82-71 -- narrowly escaping the Grizzlies at home in a game that was decided in the final minute -- but the Rockets looked lost and off-target against a vastly inferior opponent.
- Unhappy GET RED FACE journalist

We played great Grizzly slop ball on that night. To do it again you just whip up on Yao and frustrate him. With McGrady out we have a chance. But I fear Artest and Battier. Then as always you let Barry, Alston, or Brooks start jacking up easy threes one after another, and it's an early night to bed for the baby Grizz.

So get your red face on, mother launchers!

keys to the super bowl
  • OJ Mayo shoots well regardless of what his teammates do.
  • Repeated humiliation of Yao Ming. Marc Gasol goes back to starting role tonight. Containing him is key as he totally squashed the Warriors on Friday night.
  • Shooting 31-81 on last meeting was ok for October but if they do that again in December this game will be a blowout. Have to be smart and take higher percentages, assisted shots. New game scheme needed tonight.
  • Back-court needs to step up because when Rockets players Aaron Brooks or Reefer Alston go off, the team wins the game against almost anyone they play.
  • Catch the Rockets team napping! They have had all weekend off to get drunk and party like it's 1980. Run them out early!!!

Ron sez, "That was another three!!!"

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Rudy Gay has to hit the stratosphere tonight even if Shane Battier is on him. Then OJ Mayo is free to score as well. But if not, we are a one-legged dog burying turds on a frozen pond. The McGrady injury won't matter if Battier shuts us down.
  • Rockets are another team that can bury you from shooting or from inside domination. Hornets did it Saturday night with shooting. You can't let them shoot us out because Artest will shoot a dozen threes and make 8 or 9 if we let him. You can't take any breaks.

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