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Dec 1, 2008

Grizzlies at Hawks 12/03/08 pregame notes

Mike Bibby

  • Bibby probably doesn't even remember playing for the Grizzlies. So it won't be a big deal when he smacks us around. Without Jaric or Crittenton playing, the Hawks have a huge advantage over us on this match-up.

    Joe Johnson

  • Little Rock Joe is a real pleasure to watch. He had to learn his jump shot to make it in the NBA and does a natural fade away on each launch. It's very hard to stop him when that shot is falling. (Just ask the NBA Champion Celtics if you'd like confirmation).
  • All NBA jump shooters have to fade a little unless they are three point specialists. Few do it as seamlessly as Little Rock Joe.

    Marvin Williams

  • Consistent double-double player on a playoff team that is keeping at 0.500 record on the road? He is one big key to the reïnvented Hawks.
  • He led his college to a national championship win, so it would be nice to face him off against Darrell Arthur. Unfortunately, he'll probably be head-to-head with Rudy Gay.

    Josh Smith

    He wanted to play against Washington on Saturday night at Verizon Center but said it was decided that he would wait until Wednesday’s home game against Memphis to make his return.
    -Hawks Dec. 1st team report
  • Philadelphia made a serious stab at him in the off-season, but the Hawks committed.
  • He's already proven himself as a star in the league. He's a slam dunk champ and a defensive force, leading the league on blocks last year for power forwards. Smith only trailed two offensively impotent centers, Chris Kaman and Marcus Camby.
  • We can forget about points in the paint with him back in the lineup.
  • It will be interested to see how our defense holds up especially against their EXPLOSIVE bigs like Josh Smith.

    Al Horford

  • Memphis fans remember him as our number one target in the draft of 2007. Another 2 time national championship proven stud rounds out this deadly athletic Hawks team. Although not as unlikely as the Bulls first round pick this year, the Hawks extremely good luck was a blessing for them in 2007 to land the #3 pick out of Florida. No one at the time knew just how much of a gap there was between the top 3 picks and the rest of the class. But Memphis definitely does! And it will be a sore reminder after this match.
  • Again, the Hawks turnaround to a serious contending team came long before the Mike Bibby trade, and part of the success is attributed to this would-be Rookie of the Year. (He finished second behind one of the worst shooting Rookies of the Year of all time on a typically unimportant and chronically ineffective team that no longer exists - history will look back and say, "Why didn't Al Horford win it that year???").

    Zaza Pachulia

  • Expect to see Zaza a lot, perhaps even he will start the game to match up against Tanqueta early. He's ranked in the top of the league in rebounding rates and Grizzlies wins usually come when we keep the opponent off the boards.
  • If we treat him like Andrew Bogut though, we should have a strong showing against Zaza.

    Mario West

    Georgia Tech’s stunning 45-42 win over Georgia on Saturday sent shockwaves all the way to Washington.
    Hawks guard and Tech alum Mario West was all smiles before the game against the Wizards.
    “I watched the game in my hotel room and I was hollering like crazy. How sweet it is,” West said. “But I’ll be honest with you, I wasn’t surprised with how well they played. They’ve played pretty well all year. They had a really good showing against Miami leading up to this Georgia game that I think really set them up well for what they faced against Georgia.

    “And it was a collective effort. I’m really happy for the new coaching staff, the players, the fans and everybody that loves Georgia Tech. This is a good day for the Georgia Tech family.”
    -Hawks Dec. 1st team report
  • Let's see if Javaris Crittenton gets to face off against this fellow Tech baller.

    I noticed the Hawks gained our former shooting coach, NBA legend Mark Price. The Hawks shot below the league average last season from 3 point line at 35.9%. At this point in this season they are the best in the league at 41.9%. Credit Mike Bibby, Maurice Evans, and Marvin Williams for the high marks. Thus, the Grizzlies should not cheat on those shooters. Nor can they afford to allow the explosive scorer in Joe Johnson torch them for thirty points or greater in this one.

    keys to the super bowl
    • Control the perimeter shooting.
    • Bang it inside to get fouls on Zaza.
    • Pedal to the metal when bringing the ball up. Hopefully Kyle Lowry gets more time because I like his style better on this matchup. I think Conley will be a disaster in this game.
    • Rudy Gay has to play defense better than any night so far for this to be close at all. Did you see what Durant did to us?
    • Give O.J. Mayo his 30 points and everyone will be happy!
    • eat mor chikin

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • Not playing Marc Gasol in the fourth quarter?
    • Not playing Darko Milicic in the fourth quarter?
    • Not playing Hakim Warrick in the fourth quarter?
    • Not getting the focus at half-time. Someone's head should have rolled for that.
    • Not playing Javaris Crittenton. He is King of Atlanta.
    • All of this combines to the urgent need to gain some better control of the rotations late in the game. This may sound stupid and might be stupid, but perhaps the coach should play video games a few times with the fatigue factor jacked up to high so he can practice simulations on how best to manage players on the highest difficulty. Bonkers!
    • Or maybe it's just as simple as effort:
      "Effort?" Gasol responded to a reporter's question Saturday. "I'd say it's effort."

    Gasol quote reference in Ron Tillery's CA article
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