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Dec 16, 2008

Grizzlies and Hornets 12/16/08 pregame notes

Another rematch! Another victory!

This could be another win to a team that beat us in game 1 of the season series. The Thunder came at us just as well as the first match in which we lost to them, but we managed to strike back and win on the road. This time to our favor, we face the Hornets at home. The momentum will be on our side in the first half. An early rout can be made with the accretion of rabid Grizzlies on the ball court.

keys to the super bowl
  • Deny Peja the ball
  • Stick a man on Posey, who has had excellent shooting in his last game
  • Mayo leads Grizzlies to 5th straight win
  • Scoring the big men in the paint. Chandler is out
  • Apply Bulls win to Hornets: Rose, Gordon, Wade – shut down! Add Chris Paul to list!
  • Keep attacking and playing our ball. High flying speed kills!
  • But any night they have multiple hot players. David West must be taken out PHYSICALLY. He plays the dirtiest game there is. You can try to start a fight with him and maybe Darko will get him ejected as well.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • “We knew how Memphis is a talented team. They’ve been playing some games well, some not,” Stojakovic said. “They just couldn’t finish because of their age probably and inexperience."
  • Chris Paul single-handedly kills us – just like he did last Christmas in 2007. He can do that. Lowry and Conley cannot rest tonight

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