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Dec 14, 2008

Grizzlies and Heat 12/14/08 pregame notes

Miami rolls in for a lazy Sunday afternoon match. Bad news is the Heat have flown up the charts recently, even managing to beat Utah Jazz at home… The good news is that Miami played terribly on Friday night against Atlanta Hawks. They will want to bounce back of course, as Friday's loss was their first loss of December! But it will be hard to do against the RED HOT GRIZZLIES!!!

Recently the Heat were playing at playoff level basketball and outperforming other early favorites like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Toronto. They do it behind their big three: Marion, Beasly, and Wade. Dwayne Wdae showed he was back in the talks of "best player on the planet" this summer in Beijing. He was a human highlight film even among the obvious best players of the NBA. He showed absolutely no effects from the paralyzing injuries he'd had the season before that led his team into the lottery and one of the greatest single-season declines any team has had in the history of the NBA.

Beasly of course is losing a lot of the spotlight to the historic rookie seasons of Mayo and Rose - but it is agreed upon that he is meeting all expectations as the #2 pick of the draft this year. But he was out with the flu on Friday night. So he might not be 100% for this contest.

keys to the super bowl
  • Hold Wade's points because that was the secret to Atlanta's win Friday.
  • Back up Wade's prediction about O.J. Mayo
  • Memphis has to get loud again!
  • Keep playing great with second unit and leading bench production
  • Friday night we could have won game by 20 points if we connect more on the easy layups - and continue to attack inside! Especially since Miami has no center just like Chicago

keys to the toilet bowl
  • I am out of time this morning - but we lose if Wade single-handedly runs the score on us - period
  • Don't let jokers like Quinn beat us on the perimeter shots. Got to play the entire shot clock, which is equal parts physical and mental toughness

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