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Dec 19, 2008

Grizzlies and Bobcats 12/19/08 pregame notes

Grizzlies won five of last seven, with 2 losses to New Orleans. But don't look further back than that! December record is 5 of 8. A win tonight would be a strong statement to say this month is for real.

Bobcats are at the very bottom of the league. But they can thank the Thunder for taking the award for worst professional sports team logos, colors, and identity. Since joining the league from the ashes of the New Orleans Hornets, they have been a team that is synonymous with losing. They have never made a good draft pick in their entire history.

A strong win is what should be expected tonight, but a close one is not unthinkable. They got some ballers. Gerald Wallace comes from an excellent legacy of some of the nation's greatest athletes in the University of Alabama. Latrell Sprewell, Robert Horry, and D-League superstar Richard Hendrix all came through the same system. Emeka Okafur completely dominated the Big East at Rudy Gay's Alma mater. Raymond Felton, Sean May, and coach Larry Brown round out the list of North Carolina cronies.

But wait, there's more!

The bottom line is the Bobcats are still far away from being competitive. They're a season or two away. In the time it would take to redesign the roster and identity they will most likely make another tragic mistake like taking on a Jason Richardson or overpaying Raymond Felton who should be let go obviously. They're already hanging their hat on Okafur, who may just be another Drew Gooden or Chris Wilcox when it all comes down. That's worst case probably - but certainly possible.

Grizzlies have their work cut out for them, but the game should be a scoring frenzy for us and a devastation for them. As long as we stay physical and folks like Diaw and Howard don't get nasty and rough us up – Grizzlies can shave the Bobcats.

  • "That's why yall are having a field day!"

    keys to the super bowl
    • Buzzword of the year: UBUNTU
    • Serbian Translation: "I slam because we hard!"
    • Catalan Translation: "I beard because we star"
    • Charlotte Bobcats starting shooting guard Raja Bell was ejected from a game against Chicago on Tuesday night for remarks made to referee Eli Roe.
    • Juwan Howard making another appearance as a Bobcat.
    • Darko and Marc Tanqueta Gasol need another statement game!
    • Arthur ready to contribute and steal some minutes from Hak!

    keys to the toilet bowl
    • The Memphis Grizzlies waived former NBA All-Star Antoine Walker on Thursday. Will he play for Bobcats tonight? Not bloody likely!
    • Raja Bell and Boris Diaw finally get going. Nazr Mohammed drinks a case of Red Bull and tears up the Forum!
    • Easy rebounds and losing that battle is going to hurt us
    • DJ Augustine is a crafty weasel but hardly has the physique to back up his great stats recently. Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry can be shown up and that is a toilet bowl explosion.
    • Bobcats score greater than 30 points in any quarter and we're toast
    • Bobcats score greater than 40% from downtown on 10 shots and we're toast
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