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Dec 30, 2008

12/29/08 Twolves post-mortem

Loved watching a Minnesota broadcast. I think my league pass had been blocked for them too because it was the first game of the season I'd seen of them. I recommend anyone having trouble with league pass broadband to complain daily to and make service tickets and give them your IP address. They have unlocked pretty much every game for me now except Boston Celtics which is great!

The music they play in Minnesota was actually worse than San Antonio! The announcers were hysterical though. They were saving all their favorite OJ Mayoisms until the fourth quarter: "Hold the Mayo!", "Don't Squeeze the Juice!", etc. They even played the Malcolm in the Middle theme song during a critical timeout break in the second half. What?!?

The Wolves are much worse than I expected. They make Kevin Ollie look like a truly gifted top level player. Telfair has regressed considerably since he was in Boston. He has no confidence and looks completely unpolished and inept out there. Craig Smith is a joke. Ryan Gomes is a stud but on this team he looks lost and out of position all the time. He is a Shane Battier type player but with much more talent and scoring ability. I can't wait til he gets on a good team someday. Randy Foye has always been miserably overrated and still is. He should be in the DLeague! The only keepers are Love and Jefferson – who are both capable of Allstar level performance now. I think Jefferson deserves to be starting Center this year if Wolves had a better record.

UPDATE: Man I have to eat these words now! Do I really know what I'm talking about? Eh – probably not. Since this game timberwolves have gone like 8-1, only losing to Mavericks in a game where they fell apart after securing a 29 point lead. Needless to say 1) Timberwolves are for real on a current five game win streak 2) You have to respect the enemy even if Kevin Ollie is their leader.

This obviously was a special game - even with Carney, Miller and Cardinal watching on the sidelines. Mayo and Kevin Love both were out to make a statement game. Love probably had his best game of the season although for me I wouldn't know if he averages 30 and 20 and 6 blocks. He looked very good out there and was certainly a key to the toilet bowl…

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Love for the game

  • BIG AL and you can't stop him with Gasol and Darko out

  • Rudy? I hope he isn't wearing himself out again making youtube video contests for the dunk contest. Rudy has more than just transition game and has shown 100 times he can shoulder the team. That should be even easier with Mayo drawing double teams.
  • Another OT tragedy. We have lost every overtime game this year correct? YOUNG and Hungry is all that means.
  • Wolves are terrible but it seems any team is dangerous when 2 or more great players go at the top of their game for 48 or 53 minutes (Love and Jefferson). I really think we could be a .500 team if we had that from Rudy and OJ every night.

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