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Dec 20, 2008

12/19/08 Bobcats post-mortem

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Coach Brown flushed it down! Safe to say he has all his pieces coming together in the Phoenix trade. Even Juwan Howard held his ground despite giving up a bucket or 2 to Gasol.
  • Rudy had absolutely no supporting cast, but that didn't matter, no one could have kept up with the 150 point pace the Bobcats were on in the first half.
  • Bobcats shot 16/21 in first quarter I think. 80%?
  • We had like 4 total rebounds in the first half.
  • Effort was dubious from some players but the Bobcats still finished. This game was one of the worst to watch because the Bobcats looked like they were sleepwalking through it.
  • Even shooters like Matt Carroll and DJ Augustine came up off the bench and just laid it in uncontested. If I was at the game in person I would have left before the 4th quarter and that is one of my pet peeves. It would have been painful - ok I probably would not have done that - but I definitely quit watching from home and went on to watching the thrilling double overtime Pacers - Clippers game.

1 comment:

Chip Crain said...

I was at the game and I nearly walked out and I never leave games early.