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Dec 13, 2008

12/12/08 Grizzlies victory post-mortem

After Sports Illustrated's Marty Burns put Grizzlies at the very bottom of his power rankings, we go for a three win joy ride. Guess we'll be moving up the charts now!

The cocky, arrogant Chicago Bulls were turned away in front of a huge Memphis home crowd.

Rudy Gay and Hak Warrick whooped a Llama's Ass on stage!

Gasol and Darko were solid pillars in the front.

These guys will be around a while

keys to the super bowl
  • The backcourt stepped up huge
  • Gunning to the paint repeatedly. Attack, attack, attack!
  • Chicago lacks an NBA level Center. Their PF is very average in Drew Gooden. He is at peak of his career and he's never going to be a difference maker. But I do like him better than in Cleveland. If they make the playoffs they will be swept in four games this year.
  • Their concept of team defense is flawed and their announcers portray this lack of understanding in their criticism of our own players.
  • Scary when the big bear is hungry!!!

MC Pee Pants' Solid Gold Review
Only in Memphis young blood!

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