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Dec 8, 2008

12/08/08 Rockets post-mortem

Where to begin? Grizz don't start Gay for violating team policy. Then they go off to a 10-0 start? Huge lead in first quarter was cut into severely in the 2nd then slowly faded in the 3rd. But did you see Hakim Warrick's monster rejection? HAK ATTACK!

You could see Grizzlies lead and composure coming somewhat unglued as DARKO MILICIC went Ape-shit and ripped his jersey to shreds down the middle of his chest.

Will post the youtube link as it becomes available.

For now - here is an awesome video clip but with completely puerile commentary on the intro and outro done by some Internet imbecile.

Very physical game in which Rockets are just racking up the fouls. How else do you explain the fake artist Yao Ming has no stats? Lots of attacking from our seven footers. We won the battles for rebounds and turnover/assist ratios. We give them some shots but certainly not a significant amount to even the score.

Fourth quarter comes by and Grizz are hanging tough. Would be totally dismantling themselves except for a brilliant swish from Battier in the corner. Just like old times boy! Buckner has just scored 4 points in a row. He has 100% shooting! Season high of 6 points total tonight! WOO!

The Grizzlies then never looked back! They kept knocking down shots or getting to the line. Houston was in panic mode and never brought it back to single digits for the night.

Rudy Gay got his points, and Everyone's happy in Grizzlam!

Houston's coach on the Grizz:
This team has been struggling and they have had some tough losses. They just need to put it together and they did it tonight.
—Rick Adelman.

keys to the super bowl
  • The backcourt stepped up huge
  • The big fronters down low totally emasculated Yao
  • Rudy was always a threat and he made Von Wafer look like a choir boy out there.
  • O.J. Mayo sank his buckets and he does his thing every night. Solid gold out there.
  • Everything just clicked tonight. Scary when the big bear is hungry!!!

MC Pee Pants' Solid Gold Review
TMac and Ron Paul Artest weren't even on the game. Rafer, Luis, and Shane were up all night at Whataburger covering for the big cheese Sunday night. Look what my man here says:

Shane Battier – On the loss
We knew coming in this was a danger game.

They was partying all weekend and cheering the Texans over Green Bay dawg! Practice? Are we talking about practice? FOOTBALL! These games don't matter - Grizzlies can win in December sure, sure, boy hot dog. Wake me up again in April!!!!

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