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Dec 6, 2008

12/05/08 Hornets loss post-mortem

Free gator bait tonight

The game is only 72% over as I write this but let's just say it's over. The game was over from the start. The Hornets shot like 95% in first quarter but currently the shot percentages are excellent: FG% .569 3PT% .611 FT% .941 . That spells domination.

Unfortunately, MC Pee Pants was right last night in his studious prediction for this match in the Big Easy.

I also suspect the Hornets had the inside scoop on us and sense a traitor among us! :) I'm sure James Posey was reading about us before the game on his iPhone. He's got the Grizzblogs bookmarked.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • The image above shows Devin Brown running all over us. My point is that the Hornets entire team was elevated above us. There were easy looks for all of them. Rasual Butler, Sean Marks, Hilton Armstrong… virtually anyone who wanted to come out on the floor in a Hornet uniform tonight would have had a great chance to score. And this image perfectly demonstrates Mike Conley's frustration.
  • Turnovers rampant in the first half by Grizzlies. We were knocked totally out of the contest
  • Rudy Gay was slow to start while OJ Mayo totally carried us on his back. Not going to get it done.
  • Not working cohesively tonight on the offense. You have to wonder what the game plan was originally. It very quickly disintegrated out there.

  • Hornets have had an easy week with few games. But we still look overfed on turkey. The win at home against LAC should not have sated the Grizzly appetites yet. We might not have easier victuals available to us so we have to be smarter in the hunt.
  • Rudy – I heard Mike Miller say about Pau a long time ago, "I call him meal ticket because when he gets going we all eat". I'm only seeing 6 points from Rudy Gay on the scoreline right now in the fourth quarter. Egads!

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