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Dec 5, 2008

12/05/08 Clippers post-mortem

Oye Marc! Look out below! -Hak Attack

keys to the super bowl
  • No Davis: Baron, Paul, and Ricky were no-shows.
  • Rudy Gay played with high energy and was the instigator on both sides.
  • Excellent strategy in splitting the starters up and going with Gasol + Conley in the alternate quarters. Arthur is still finding his way so Hakim Warrick replaces most of his minutes. But Darko seems to take it very personal whether he is starting or coming off the bench so you might as well start that cry baby! He was a beast tonight! Steals and blocks were tying or surpassing his season highs.
  • Mayo draws a lot of attention already from vets in the league and he still manages to get around 20 points. If you don't respect him he'll get thirty as we saw many times in November. This is great for Memphis because it's creating opportunities for free for the rest of the team. Now fans don't have to cringe watching fakers like Quinton Ross creating and missing their own shots.
  • Clippers came with their "F" game tonight. Absolutely this was a terrible team. This is why it's unacceptable for Memphis to be at the bottom of their division or conference. You have a lot of spoiled mentally challenged babies in this league that for some reason just decide not to compete. We are young and hungry and go out there and fight. We might not have the experience but we can win games like this one and should every time. That would hopefully propel us to some hope in future success of winning against greater opponents in the future as we figure ourselves out and as the individuals learn every single myriad nuance of the game!
  • Did I mention Darko was a beast? He hustled and threw his arms into every single lost ball I could see in the 2nd quarter. He was everywhere. And along with Gasol/Rudy/Warrick, the Clippers had absolutely no chance inside against us. Zach Randolph just went to bed after about 30 minutes of the game.

MC Pee Pants' Solid Gold Review
I ain't seen a game between two worse teams since Iran played Australia at Beijing. Haw! Naw! I didn't watch that $h!t.

Baron Davis don't even play. He doesn't stoop low enough for the Clippers. Thornton totally a joke there. The Clippers thought they were in Oklahoma. When they play a real team you see Camby playing. Not tonight.

You Grizzlies got a long time ago before you make Sportcenter and rolling on this gemstone ball sack. Quack Quack Quack ducky! I let the dogs out. New Orleans cajun yard dogs going to eat ya.
Aw! Your Grizz cub got chomped!!!

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