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Dec 4, 2008

12/03/08 Hawks loss post-mortem

Grizzlies take another dump in Atlanta

The bear must have eaten too much turkey, because it ain't hunting. It ain't hungry yet. It's just taking dumps on the court!

Oh well. There was no television feed available. I only listened to about 15% of the game on the radio broadcast so I won't write much about it. From what I gathered there was a lot of this though:

I usually like the Atlanta television announcers though – especially Dominique Wilkins, for the celebrity value alone. The radio guys for Atlanta were good in my book as well, because they talked a lot about Georgia Tech! One key comment I heard in the 3rd quarter was that the Grizzlies did not appear to be "interested" in playing basketball anymore. That was amidst the 26 point lead taken by the Hawks.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Joe Johnson
  • We don't eat enough CHIKIN!
  • Assist ratio abysmal (that's a tough word to spell for me - thank Firefox for auto-spellcheck)
  • Grizz lack depth experience and talent at key roles, which puts them at a disadvantage that is nearly impossible to overcome
  • Grizz are going down the tubes quick. Frustration must be really setting into the young guys. But I haven't caught a game since the tough loss in San Antonio. I can't wait to see their body language Friday night. Then we'll know if the season is truly a write-off or not.
  • Where the hell is Darko?
  • The return of Josh Smith and team Hawks domination

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