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Nov 24, 2008

Spurs and Grizzlies 11/24/08 pregame notes

Where big-time upsets happen!

Ignoring the fact that the Spurs completely emasculated the team that just spanked us in front of our home crowd, the Spurs have not been themselves this season. Everyone knows 2 of their world class superstars, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli, are injured. But it doesn't mean other role-players haven't come in and done exceptional jobs in their place.

  • George Hill has been pretty solid on the defense, though Popovich has openly criticized his offensive toolkit.
  • Michael Finley was looking like he was headed to retirement, but lately has been pouring in the buckets.
  • Roger Mason, Jr. has developed into a bona fide player in the absence of Manu especially. He had a lot of training in Washington Wizards camp with all the millions of dollars wasted on the roster spot for Gilbert Arenas.
  • Bruce Bowen, one of the most hated players to compete against, with eight consecutive All-NBA Defensive teams awards, will shut you down.

Don't count the Grizzlies out though. No one will forget this shot by Gay last year against the defending champs, when the early season still had a bit of hope:

Spurs have struggled and at one point were below Grizzlies in the division standings. They had close games against a number of wanna-be's like Sacramento, Los Angeles Clippers, and Minnesota Timberwolves. Our task is great, but not insurmountable.

Did you know? Spurs' French giant bench warmer, Ian Mahinmi, pronounces his first name like "YAHN" instead of "EE-AN". That's bizarre!

keys to the super bowl

  • Work the offensive play. Spurs aren't going to give you anything one-on-one
  • Punish them inside. Nene did this in Denver and they won the match. Duncan was a non-factor.
  • Don't let the Spurs seniors bail out their juniors. We then face an equal opponent by making their inexperience compete with ours. It's then a dice game.
  • Win the dice game: hopefully the lid is off the basket tonight.
  • We need more bench minutes in the first half. Something has to change so that second half isn't a total joke again. I say play more Darko, Buckner, Crittenton, Jaric, etc. Earlier. But mix them with the big guns.
  • Punish Popovich with Marc Gasol. Eat your words Pop.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • 2nd half energy drain is key all season long. Are you ready?
  • Let Popovich talk smack and run us out of the godforsaken Alamo Dome.
  • Darrell Arthur gets confused, thinks he's playing against Memphis again and starts scoring for San Antonio because he thinks OJ Mayo is Derrick Rose.
  • Take the first shot available and settle for 30% FG% and losing the battle to rebound. Duncan would love it if you shoot first.

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