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Nov 21, 2008

Mavs and Grizzlies 11/21/08 pregame notes

So long, Jerry Stackhouse!

Didn't know Elton Brand stole your old number in Philly. # Elton Brand #42 Forward-Center Ouch! Did anyone remember that? Probably not. It's too bad Avery Johnson was chased out of town because I know he was one of your biggest fans.

I'm sure you can get a job with Vince Carter and the Nets. Or maybe both of you will go to Bobcats? TarHeels unite! Gerald Wallce / Vince Carter trade could be very good. Hmmm...

Well, back to the Mavericks. They're hot. Their last loss was a week ago in Dallas to the Orlando Magic. Back then they were an abysmal 2-7. Hey it was Orlando's first win in Dallas in 10 years! Memphis has to conjure up the same bad jojo to win tonight.

Dallas loves to punish the Grizzlies and Dirk has sunk our battleship on many occasions. The good news is that Josh Howard is likely to be out of the game, and certainly will be limited if he does show up. The bad news is the Mavericks are off of a three win road trip and looking to bring it home to their fans for their first home win of the year. It could be quite a task to hold them at this point, but we're certainly capable of doing it.

Mayo gives him the stare down

The Mavs are OLD. We are YOUNG. Jason Kidd and Jason Terry should be contained, or else we're done for. But hey - against our young promising back court that's no problem, eh? Gerald Green should be an easy assignment for Mayo. He has 4.75x the Basketball IQ as his opponent. Gasol will probably knock Dampier out of the game early. That should be a domination. The only unanswerable matchup is Dirk Nowitzki. As always rebounding is key for us and the Mavericks are #3 in the league so far at that. They got some talent on the bench in that department, so keep at it Grizzlies! Remember the shootout against New York? Well Dallas had the same game with them at Madison Square Garden. But the difference was the Mavericks came out on top. We've got to learn from that Knicks game and apply it to Dallas. Once they find our ball hawking and our big boy inside, Marc Dos Punto Cero Gasol, won't give up any penetration, they're going to start hurling it up. Then it's on our long boys like QRoss and Rudy to put hands in the face and push them outside the line.

Jet and the Mavs have knocked out several top teams on the road this week…

I have said 2 years ago the Mavericks made fatal mistakes in their franchise development and offseason moves. I stick by that. It was a miracle they kept the boat afloat the last 2 years. The Jason Kidd trade was another desperate move in that same unguided direction. They are going to dwindle back into their past legacy of the mid and early 90s and before as a pseudo-NBA team without any superstars. But first things first, tonight we need a win against a still formidable opponent. One has a very bright future (Grizzlies) and the other is already shopping for their undertakers.

keys to the super bowl
  • Win the rebound game
  • Play Dallas like they want it and put up the points
  • QRoss, Greg Buckner, and Antoine Walker: welcome back home, payback's a bitch!
  • Darko gets his time
  • Rookie support. Youth wins

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Layup sessions and easy transition baskets. Howard, Green, Jet can all get at ya.
  • Easy outside looks from the German
  • Holding Rudy Gay back
  • Force mistakes from the young ball handlers. Jet and Kidd matchup is important
  • Veteran standoff. Experience wins

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