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Nov 22, 2008

Jazz and Grizzlies 11/22/08 pregame notes

This is going to be a thin post, because of the back-to-back and I just wasted half my Saturday morning typing last night's post-mortem! Hopefully I'll make up for the skimping of this game in my post-mortem of the win tonight (hope hope hope).

The main story line tonight is the injuries to Utah's squad and their miserable performance last night in San Antonio. We could use this as a warm up, because we face that same Spurs team twice in the next week! Then again, it's not often a good team (The Jazz) lose twice in a row. After the 25 point blow out last night, they'll be looking to bully us around tonight. All I can say is, "NOT IN OUR HOUSE!"

You people are freaks out there!

Jazz Injuries

C. Boozer FC Nov 21, 2008 Strained left quadriceps
K. Korver SF Nov 21, 2008 Bad poker face
J. Collins C Nov 19, 2008 Sore right elbow
D. Williams PG Nov 14, 2008 Left ankle inversion sprain

keys to the super bowl
  • Punish Brevin Knight even though probably no one in the Grizzlies organization was here when he last played for us
  • Assert ourselves down low, namely against Kofus, Millsap and Okur
  • beat the Jesus out of them - I know it's not funny
  • shooting... I think San Antonio did that well last night - 60% from three compared to Jazz shooting 15%!
  • guard play shall be interesting - no advantage unless we take it from them

keys to the toilet bowl
  • 2nd half energy drain is key all season long. Are you conditioned Grizz?
  • offensive balance - huh?
  • long range defense and transition defense - got to pick up your man and keep at his ass!

More to come!

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