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Nov 26, 2008

Grizzlies at Jazz 11/26/08 pregame notes

The last meeting with this team was perhaps one of the most disappointing home performances of the season including a game that allowed New York a franchise record offensive barrage from downtown. And worse, that was just four nights ago. The Jazz have one of the best historic home records in recent seasons.

To make things even worse, the severely depleted Jazz team that faced us last in Memphis now has its main Olympic gold medalist back into the starting lineup! The phrase, "a snowball's chance in hell," would be apt here. But I will update this blog post on the development of Deron Williams return because the report I read yesterday is that he's ready but it's not set in stone whether he'll come. You might ask whether he's needed against Memphis and if it's smarter to sit him one more night!

A silver lining is that Boozer, Korver, Brevin Knight, Collins, and Matt Harping are all banged up. Iavaroni appears to like going small. Perhaps we'll have plenty of chances assuming "MemO" doesn't torch us. I look for Darko to start again and paired with Gasol they keep him under control. Okur totally killed us last time too. Beware also, I thought we'd see a lot of Kofus. That is a weakling we must punish and dominate if he gets the call. Marc "Dos Punto Cero" Gasol brings it tonight and we can sneak a chance maybe.

keys to the super bowl
  • Winning the paint against Spurs early kept us above water and losing it cost us the game against Jazz early
  • Assert ourselves down low, namely against Kofus, Millsap and Okur
  • Payback time
  • Total mental sharpness needed to hang with Jazz at home. Chicago played their brains out and still came down to a last second play with a buzzer beater for the victory. First Jazz home loss in the year of 2008!
  • guard play shall be interesting - no advantage unless we take it from them. Again I repeated this note from last match up on Saturday. These backups and D-Leaguers on Jazz are the real deal. Otherwise Jazz would not be bringing proven world class superstars like Andrei Kirilenko off the bench!

keys to the toilet bowl
  • This is TOO easy: 3rd Quarter fade to black
  • Perimeter defense
  • transition defense
  • not hungry enough
  • O.J. Mayo and Rudy Gay cold and not working together. It's like a double barrel shotgun cut in half. You don't get two single barrels. You get two pieces of shit that can't fire and should be redeemed for scrap metal.