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Nov 12, 2008

Grizzlies and Knicks 11/12 pregame notes

Isaiah Thomas won his first game as head coach with Knicks against Memphis in a heart wrenching opening night home game that went into 3OTs. Last year we won both games against the lowly Isaiah led Knicks, but primarily because of a phenomenal performance by Juan Carlos Navarro in front of his countrymen in New York City who came out in droves to see him play in the NBA. Then we won at home because Javaris Crittenton was given the keys as a starter finally and blew up for career highs in everything.

D'Antoni hopes he can come in with his old teammate's son, Danilo Gallinari, and defeat his other old teammate/assistant's team being coached by our Marc Ivaroni. He also won his first game as a Knicks coach and hopes to win first against Grizz.

We should have another fine dunk contest tonight:

keys to the super bowl
  • stop Nate's dunking over Hakim Warrick
  • hold Gallinari to his season average of 1.0 points per game and half a rebound
  • do not allow Zboy Randolph to showcase to Chris Wallace in an attempt to inflict guilt on not pulling the trigger on that trade. Darko take note on this one
  • let ACC flyboy JCritt put Duke's loser Duhon in his place
  • give #22 and #32 their shots
  • put a body on Jamal at all times

keys to the toilet bowl
  • David Lee somehow asserts himself against King Arthur
  • Duhon makes Mike Conley Jr. look like a rookie
  • our starters, all of whom are too young to rent a car, are out-gunned by D'Antoni's very lively 3-win-streak mix of veterans and speed freaks (and that's without counting Marbury)
  • Rudy and OJ mistake the Knicks defense for some other real team like Boston, Detroit, or Atlanta and pass on the myriad scoring opportunities they should have in this game!

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