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Nov 14, 2008

Grizzlies and Bucks 11/14 pregame notes

"I think he has a good chance to play in the NBA," Bogut said. "He needs to get a bit stronger. Once he hits the weight room, he'll be a pretty tough horse."

No, Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut is not talking about Grizzlies starting center Marc Gasol from their meetings at the 2008 Beijing Olympics this summer. He's talking about our other 7 footer. No, not the Serbian, the Iranian, Hamed Haddadi!

The Bucks could be a handful tonight:

A lot of things scare me about their team. They show toughness on the road coming off a huge come-from-behind win in San Antonio. Richard Jefferson has embraced his new team and is shouldering a lot of the load that Michael Redd has never been able to carry alone. They're much improved post-Yi-Jinlian. Their bench is superb. Gadzuric, Charlie Bell, Damon Jones, Tyron Lue, Sessions, and rookie sensation Luc Richard Mbah a Moute! Coach Scott Skiles is flourishing in this system and somehow Bucks are off to a decent start. Charlie V, former teammate of Rudy Gay always punishes him. He has to. Rudy will always be his junior even if he scores 50 points tonight. Charlie will always get the best of him. That is a handicap every time Grizzlies go up against his Bucks team.

Remember all the buzz about Kevin Love? You know, the guy we drafted. Well his former teammate, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, is totally outplaying the first round pick, Joe Alexander, and for my money he's the better player from UCLA this year. The Bucks certainly have the pieces to get a win tonight.

From their website:
One of the secrets to Milwaukee’s success this season is to set the tone early and hold their opponents to 19 or fewer points in the first quarter. When the team accomplishes that feat, they’re unbeaten on the year (3-0).

Look for the fight down low to dictate the overall outcome of this one.

Marc Gasol has yet to meet his match in the league so far. This trend should continue tonight. That places the burden of scoring on their shooters which are sloppy. They play similar to our same game plan, which could be scary to be beaten "at our own game": DEFENSE.

So the flipside is our shooters (Conley, Mayo, Gay) need to hit the open looks. We're not going to be shot off the court like Denver, Phoenix, and New York were capable of doing (with varying degrees of ball-movement and offensive balance). It's going to be a slug fest I'm afraid.

keys to the super bowl
  • The guards have to do better job at sealing the deal offensively
  • Marc "Dos Punto Cero" Gasol and King Arthur clog the middle all night. Means stop Bogut's rebounding and disallow the easy buckets Richard Jefferson is known for taking from his opponents his whole career
  • Darko and Hakim pick up the slack and hold off any second unit onslaughts that tend to knock Grizzlies out of the game. This also goes especially for Ross, Buckner, and anyone else who Ivaroni blesses tonight with playing time. Their bench must be tamed!
  • Run them out early.
    A 30 point first quarter would be

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Allow Charlie V to totally upstage Rudy
  • Bogut has more than 12 rebounds
  • Sessions, Ridnour, Lue, Bell start spanking our guards with drives, kicks and treys
  • Being out-coached by Skiles would be quite sad for Ivy

Well, I got a lot of things wrong in my pregame analysis. Doh! Charlie V of course is in a suit watching on the floor seats with the big ballerz. The bench factor for Milwaukee is a total joke in this game. The explosive, intimidating second 5 of Memphis (Lowry, Warrick, Buckner, Ross, Darko Milicic) completely dazzled the Bucks second 5. I thought Sessions and Mbah Moute were backups but they play with the first unit just as much. When I saw Austin Croshere come off the bench I said, "OH NO" because that's equivalent to Memphis playing Antoine Walker, which isn't happening until the most desperate circumstances for us.

More to follow in my post-mortem tomorrow. Omniscience is a work-in-progress I confess.

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