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Nov 28, 2008

11/28/08 Spurs loss post-mortem

This was a fantastic loss by the Grizzlies. Finally they survived the third quarter, and the GRIZZ threatened to contend the Spurs until about midway of the fourth. It was an eight point game until the last minute in fact.

OJ MAYO was a STUD tonight! We looked great. I thought this was how the season would be ideally this season. I do not cry over this kind of loss. The Spurs will most certainly be in the second round and probably in the Western Conference Finals this year - if not further.

Refer back to my last post-mortem on the Monday night loss to the Spurs in Memphis: The Spurs have so much more weaponry it's ridiculous. I am proud of our competition in this match tonight!

Roger Mason, Jr. was electrifying from the court tonight. Additionally, the old men played short, yet extremely effective minutes. Finley, Thomas, Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker all contributed efficient production whenever they were on the floor. Other douche bag role players like Tolliver, Hill, and Bonner were good.

It's not good to lose so many games in a row, but I would expect Memphis to BLOW AWAY the Oklahoma Thunder tomorrow night after this one.

Unfortunately I will be in Boston watching the Georgia / Georgia Tech football game "Clean Old Fashioned Hate" so I won't have a pregame or a post-mortem for that one.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Spurs: 59 to Grizz: 4 bench points!!!!!
  • Tony Parker statement game—getting his angles and driving the hoop, doing his damn thing
  • Grizz lack depth experience and talent at key roles, which puts them at a disadvantage that is nearly impossible to overcome
  • Grizz are learning on the job and it shows but we don't think they're going to be flushed down the toilet. They're just learning to swim in it!

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