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Nov 24, 2008

11/24/08 Spurs loss post-mortem

Darko Milicic shows he is made of NBA stuff for at least one night of the season. He played as good as anyone against Tim Duncan tonight.

Then somewhere around 30 minutes into the contest, the game went to hell, quickly and with permanence.
:00.0  End of 3rd Quarter
:01.0 MEM - K. Lowry misses a 27-foot three-pointer from the right wing
:05.1 SA - G. Hill makes a 28-foot three-pointer from the right wing
:08.2 MEM - K. Lowry hits the second free throw
:08.2 MEM - K. Lowry hits the first free throw
:08.2 SA - Shooting foul on F. Oberto
:28.0 SA - R. Mason makes a 27-foot three-pointer from the top of the arc
:36.9 SA - F. Oberto defensive rebound
:37.8 MEM - G. Buckner misses a 13-foot jumper along the right baseline


Something stinks. George Hill and Roger Mason start blasting treys and blowing the lead out of proportion and you know the game is lost for good. I have no idea what happened there. I thought we were down 4 points and then they cut to the "209 boys" in the television broadcast. These guys are loud and bring great energy to the home games that have previously been total duds. But then the camera cuts back and suddenly San Antonio's gone on a 14 point run!?

What the hell? Rally in the fourth I don't care about. It's like a tree falling in the woods on another planet with nothing but banana tree slugs to hear it. It doesn't matter one bit - it's like a preseason victory but even less because it's still a loss.

Well I just listened to Ivaroni's postgame notes. This goes back to my pregame notes that I will list in a second for the keys to the toilet bowl which has been flushed on us. He says "we're not a good shooting team" and that's the freaking truth. Offensive plays weren't needed. We just couldn't score on open shots all night. Our shooting percentages were down in the lower 30s all night which is not enough to hang in this league. You can't compete in the NBA shooting that bad. And it wasn't from spectacular defense on us. They had half a dozen players that we can get open shots over. But almost every time we failed to execute.

There were some positives to take away from this loss though. Our defense was spectacular. Darko Milicic was playing world class basketball for us. We had enough extra factors to keep us in the game through half time even with the failure to shoot from outside the paint. However, without our squad making any real threat to dominate the game, the Spurs were always going to inevitably crank it into gear, especially with Manu back and their solid bench depth. Then starting role players like Mason were shooting lights out. Roger Mason was solid! The NBA is full of superb talents and some great basketball minds on every team. It takes great determination from our players to go out there full force each night but also to learn all those little things that tip the scales so that you aren't always fighting from behind and trying to catch your percentages and turnover ratios from going into the TOILET BOWL.

keys to the toilet bowl
  • The lid was on our basket.
  • Mental weakness. We have to get better looks on last possessions of the quarter. That is just unintelligent behavior. I was furious at both Conley and Lowry tonight.
  • 209 boys too distracting. Ok just kidding; they're awesome
  • Myth busted: we are overloaded at the guards. ERROR! O.J. Mayo and Javaris Crittenton are the only talent we have there. Marko Jaric used to be very good but for some reason Memphis decided he's due for retirement. Lowry, Conley, Ross, Buckner should all be sent to D-League with Hamed Haddadi.
  • Coach needs to seek professional sports psychology help for motivating these cowards at half-time. If I see another 3rd quarter blowout I'm going to lose it. Last year this was a regular occurrence but was palatable once Gasol was traded and we realized we were tanking for the draft lottery (which Stern rigged against us as payment for such dishonor). But perhaps there is nothing you can say to make a third rate horse into a prize horse. We are giving them hell though.
  • Manu Volver! Ginobli came back and wasted no time in sinking a three and driving for a dunk right off the bench in the first quarter.
  • They are the Spurs. They are a powerhouse any day.

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