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Nov 23, 2008

11/22/08 Jazz loss post-mortem

Grizz kicked in the nuts again...

Well, I really can't say much about this one since I only watched the fourth quarter! I came in right during the 22 point lead and Ivaroni's technical foul. Obviously the wheels were falling off.

Problem is most teams are starting to kick it in while we're settling into full-effect rookie ops. At least it looks that way when you get so few assists and so many turnovers (over the course of the season so far). It is going to be a struggle. I was hoping to stay in these kinds of games. I overreacted in the win against Orlando, thinking the bad times of being blown out after 30 minutes of game clock could be a thing of the past (or a rarity rather than standard operating procedure).

Things just might get worse:

Jazz Team Report Nov 23, 2008

There's light at the end of the tunnel for the Jazz, who will play only one more game before Deron Williams is expected to return Wednesday against Memphis.

Sweet! Maybe with Deron Williams we have a better chance. Hahahah!

keys to the toilet bowl
  • 15 steals after already being schooled by the old Mavericks the night before
  • imbalance on the offense - major
  • Other teams are not having trouble running up the score though. and we'll be in serious deep stuff when facing these teams with their stars aligned. The 22 point lead would have just escalated I'm afraid! got to be focused 48 minutes dudes
  • I didn't watch much of the game so I don't have any more keys!

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