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Nov 22, 2008

11/21/08 Mavs loss post-mortem

keys to the toilet bowl
  • wily old men made us look foolish time and again, getting all the hustle plays for turnovers (Jason Kidd) and
  • all-important, easy transition baskets
  • "no answer for Nowitzki" says coach himself
  • miserable failure to capitalize on the presence of Dallas bench on the court, who are total rejects. Devean George I think scored on us. no excuse! But at least we frustrated folks like Gerald Green and James Singleton (who the hell is that?).
  • third quarter drain - it's a killer! the final score was 24-15 but that was some lucky points at the end. I think they were up 19-5 at one point in the 3rd quarter. It was like 63-46 total. It's not rocket science; they just punked us out after a terrible 1st half. You knew they weren't going to come out with their heads down being up 3 points, right?
  • Hey it was a tough loss - not a fun game to watch after 24 minutes - but that's to be expected when your starting squad has only 3 years total experience going up against 42 years of total NBA experience!!! Not to mention, their salaries are probably $40M even with Green and Singleton starting (I think they get hourly wages or are paid by the game $1,000 a night or something). Our starters don't get paid more than $10M total. You're David facing Goliath every night essentially.

News Flash:
This brings me to my next point. New York Knicks can go to hell. They are doing exactly what we've done in the last year but without even pretending to get back talent. They even have the audacity to make this hysterical move with their famous new coach being off to a positive start. Suddenly they decide to just throw it away and dump their 2 best players after three weeks of the season are up? Now if everyone out there doesn't want to be a hypocrite, you better be lambasting them for this just as you did to Memphis for dumping Pau Gasol, and for saying Timberwolves got the better deal in Kevin Love and Mike Miller for O.J. Mayo. Where are those people now?

I'll tell you - they're trying to figure out how they can get in on this. But listen up - Memphis was here first! That's right LeBron, Chris Bosh, DWade, Boozer, etc. And we did not just dump everything for crap either. (ok we got some crap ).

But to all those elite free agents: Come to Memphis because we actually have a plan and are building it up with the youth. We got a superbly talented young platform to build upon, and all they got is an empty room now with a high profile coach. Respect!

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