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Nov 18, 2008

11/18/08 Kings post-mortem

keys to the super bowl
  • zone busting shooting for Grizz
  • Rudy Gay stepped it up!
  • 4th quarter was a total non-factor. Game was over by then. Our garbage timers looked pretty dang rusty, but where was Hamed Haddadi? hehehe!
  • Our bench outscored theirs 23-8 early, then 40-24 later in the game. That's key, but you have to consider two of our starters were in foul trouble and didn't play half the game (King Arthur and #32)
  • All of the Kings studs were shut down except Beno at times. But he definitely could not carry them offensively and their team defense was below NBA standard tonight

  • Brad Miller is ready for the glue factory
  • Spencer Who? Donte Who? Quincy Who? Shelden Who? Lots of pseudo-NBA players that can't fill a spot on a real NBA team make up the Kings' bench.

Nice win Grizzlies!

MC Pee Pants' Solid Gold Review
Maybe next home game will have more than 200 people show up! So you beat SAC without Mikki Moore and the new mayor Kevin Johnson. Hell, that's a D-league team without Mikki Moore! He's a CBA allstar!

And your top two rebounding rookies (#33 and #00) only got 7 rebounds combined! OJ Mayo didn't get his points. You have to rely on the oldest Grizzly to carry your team. Hakim Warrick is so old he played with Bobby Jackson in Memphis! This game sucked! Dallas will kill us just like they did the Bobcats. Hiya!

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