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Nov 17, 2008

11/15/08 - Celtics and Bucks go to overtime

Well, Grizzlies fans might not feel too dejected. In 3 games the Bucks have managed an inspiring win against San Antonio and Memphis – then shocked the defending NBA champs by taking them to overtime on a second consecutive night. The Celtics responded like you would expect. They have too many years experience to come up short in those situations to a team like Milwaukee. But it was a valiant effort and gives us Memphis fans some reprieve for the loss Friday night to the same Bucks.

Both teams were in part 2 of difficult back-to-back games. Even with home court advantage a win against Boston places you in an elite category with the Indiana Pacers! Just kidding… but still it's significant accomplishment of their team. However, obviously the Celtics are weakened after a very heavy week that was capitalized with a devastating beat-down by the Nuggets on Friday night. As Corey Maggette says though, this is the "National Business Association". You always bring the A game and be professional. NO EXCUSES – especially if you're "The Champs".

A very strange coincidence was noted though. I joked in my last post about Joey Dorsey fouling out in the NCAA Championship, which thus led to the Tigers severe beating in overtime by Kansas. In these games however the Bucks won with Andrew Bogut fouling out in OT and the Celtics won with Kevin Garnett fouling out in OT the very next night. That certainly is just coincidence, or is it? Hah!

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