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Nov 15, 2008

11/14/08 Bucks post-mortem

D-leaguer, Ramon Sessions, hits the tying trey to send the game to overtime after OJ Mayo missed the potential game-winner on the next possession.

This one was not nearly as bad as Mike Fratello's last game coaching for Grizzlies on my dad's birthday, on December 27, 2006 —loss of 96 to the Bucks 112— but the result is the same. We've come a long way since then. Of course we scored 96 points again but Bucks only got 101… in overtime. It certainly can ruin your team identity though to consistently lose to pseudo-NBA teams like the Bucks, and makes you start to ask pessimistic questions such as, are we just as bad? The answer is yes. Ahem. But not long ago so were the now high-flying Atlanta Hawks. So the glass is still half-full of Grizzly piss my friends!

Going back to my keys from the pregame notes:

keys to the toilet bowl
  • Rebounding: Mbah a Moute sure had a lot of them.
  • Bench warmers made us look silly. 2 of our 3 wins have been against the Warriors with similar pseudo NBA players. Ramon Sessions hustles on every play and nails 3 buzzer beaters out of 3 with the ball in his hands at the end of periods 2, 3 and 4. That's total mental awareness.
  • With that said, their defense was as tough as ours. Their shooting percentage was essentially held just as low as ours. But we had more turnovers forced on them. We had ourselves in the game. Defense was great but no advantage to either team in the end because of mental breakdowns at key times: 3rd quarter for us, 4th quarter for them, and Overtime for us. We notoriously outplayed them in the 2nd Quarter, and with that level of intensity few teams can stop us.
  • Free throws: worst OT since Memphis was embarrassed by Kansas in the NCAA Championship in San Antonio earlier this year. But Joey Dorsey did not foul out. Why did they get 9 free throws in a row in OT? As a fan it's hard to accept an overtime loss, especially when it looks like we just handed the game over to them.
  • Maybe because his boy wasn't playing, Rudy decided to take the night off until the 4th quarter.
  • Ivaroni has to take a timeout every 2 minutes in the third quarter as our 16 point lead is being cut into. Why not just save yourself the trouble guys and forfeit the game? If you're done playing then save us all the drama of letting the less talented team run you out of your home court.
  • NO EXCUSES: Look around the league and watch the best teams with greater than .500 records. They aren't getting easy wins. They are playing hard from start to finish and if they don't they get blasted. Look at the Lakers against the Pistons last night. The Pistons went at them hard and their chemistry is falling into place; they willed themselves the win. Lakers looked beat up and out of luck. Without giving everything they had out there to the Pistons, they'd lose by 50 points . Look at each Celtics game this week. They have everyone coming at them with their "A GAME" and it takes a playoff level effort to hold their dominance in check. Ok we're young but no excuse. It's never easy. It won't be magically in easy in 2 years of playing together. It happens now or never.

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